I finished my Valentine's Day Shopping

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  1. Well, it took a couple weeks and few stops at the LVs of Las Vegas, but I finally got all the stuff I wanted.

  2. Oh wow. What a lovely collection. Congratulations. Everything looks so good together...
  3. I love how the colors from the Pop line go so well with the Sprouse line, I was torn about getting the Neverfull, but when I saw the Rose Pop charm on it I had to have it.
  4. WOW! :nuts: A very happy Valentine's Day for you!
  5. I love it all but I especially love the vernis rose pop wilshire with the rose scarf!!!!!!!!!! I fell for the rose pop also and got the rose speedy with rose pop sarah and the vert tonic key zip! I know the feeling of how wonderful they all go together....
  6. OMG....I love everything. I am on a ban, if not I would love to get everything you have in the pic.

  7. I really want to get all the rose pop accessories - but I have a wallet, cles, agenda and heart in framboise. I got the vert tonic heart because I think it looks awesome next to the pop pink.

    I am jealous of your rose pop wallet, I want to see it with your speedy, did you post it somewhere already?
  8. Congrats!!
  9. Wow very nice... I love everything! :heart:

    P.S. You have an awesome bed spread.
  10. Everything is beautiful! Excellent choices!

    Congrats & Happy early Valentine's Day!!
  11. Great choices, congrats!!
  12. stunning, beautiful, congrats :smile:
  13. Congrats it all is so gorgeous!
  14. wow wapity, what a lovely purchase :yahoo:i'm loving the vernis leather.:heart:
  15. Congrats