I find this hard to believe, but maybe I'm wrong to?

  1. I was interested in a bag, so I asked the seller for more pics.

    While I was waiting, her auction was pulled by eBay - according to her because an account hijacker was found to be bidding.

    She sent me the pics anyway and although it is quite hard to judge, because the bag is suede, so the logos are quite faint and indistinct in places, I think it is probably authentic.

    I asked her if she was going to relist and she said;

    'To be honest, i cant be bothered to relist it again as I have so much stuff to sell and it would take me ages! Instead i am selling items to friends and family,so if you are interested still i would be happy to sell the bag to you for £60 incuding postage?

    let me know asap.'

    I replied;

    'Thank you for your reply.

    To be honest, I am a little nervous of buying off eBay.

    I can totally understand that you don't feel like relisting it, though, as I know it's a hassle!

    Thank you for the offer, anyway. :smile:'

    She replied;

    'I can still invoice you through Paypal and write it as an eBay item. You have the same cover as if you won an auction!

    let me know


    Now, this is news to me...! :shrugs:

    So, what do you all think?

    Thanks very much for your opinions in advance! :flowers:
  2. RUN RUN RUN from this auction....she was pulled for a reason....
    truth be told, she is a stranger......
    be patient, something better will come along!!!!!
  3. ^ Thank you, mm! :biggrin:

    Yes, that's my feeling, too. Especially, as it's not even an auction, at this stage!

    I just wondered if I was missing something, as she has been a member of eBay for two and three quarter years and has reasonably good feedback - 386 feedbacks, 100% positive; although she does have three neutrals.

    I just wondered about the 'I can still invoice you through Paypal and write it as an Ebay item. You have the same cover as if you won an auction!'; that's simply not true, if you're buying off eBay is it? :confused1:
  4. I've bought stuff off ebay using Paypal before. I'm not sure what Paypal and Ebay's protection are, but I rely on the fact that I use a credit card in Paypal to protect me.
  5. ^ I see. :yes:

    Personally, I'd rather have full Paypal protection, if possible and I'm not sure that I would have in this situation...

    I know it's only £60 ($120), but I still don't want to throw it down the drain! Or make work for myself trying to get it back.
  6. if you use paypal, you still have paypal buyer protection -- regardless of if it was purchased through ebay or not. As long as it's tangible goods. A lot of merchants offer paypal as a form of payment, so you still have the paypal buyer protection.

    Personally, tho, I wouldn't do it just cause her auction was pulled and now she's offering to sell it off ebay. That just looks fishy to me....
  7. ^ Ah, I see - thanks hannah! :biggrin:

    Does her reason for the auction being pulled seem unlikely then, do you think?
  8. To me that seems like an unlikely reason to pull an auction. If the problem is a BIDDER, then eBay could just make the bidder's account NARU and cancel the bid.

    This sounds fishy fishy fishy to me despite the fact that you would still have PayPal protection.
  9. Honestly it shouldn't take her "ages." All you do is go to your seller account and click "relist" and the thing will be relisted. But I'd still stay away from this one, it makes no sense.

  10. Yes, I wondered why they pulled the auction, too. :yes:

    Her exact words, when I pointed out that eBay appeared to have ended the auction, were;

    'yes i know, someone used another person's Ebay ID and therefor they had to end the auction as the sale was not legitimate! Very annoying for me!'

    Thank you for your opinion, BTW, Cynthia! :biggrin:
  11. No, when a listing is pulled, it's gone for good - you can't relist it; you have to start it all over from scratch.
    Having said that, it still sounds risky... Can you ask her for more photos or something?

  12. Yes, I agree. :yes:

    IMO, it is hard work listing (or maybe I just haven't had enough practice?!), but not really so hard to relist, or run an auction, is it?

    You're probably right, I should stay away - thanks, LV! :biggrin:

  13. Oh, I see...

    At least that makes sense, then. :yes:

    I did ask her for more pics and she sent them (I received them after the auction had been pulled) and as far as I can tell they seem fine.

    BTW, thanks for the advice, fri! :biggrin:
  14. Interesting, I've never had a listing pulled so I wouldn't know. :p

    To the OP, I still wouldn't go through with it. It wouldn't be hard to relist it IMO. As long as I was sure I'd be selling the item, I wouldn't hesitate to relist...I'd rather relist an item I'm sure I'll be selling rather spend all my time listing new items that I don't know if they'll sell or not.
  15. i would definetely avoid this one, she may be avoiding relisting her item if her listing was pulled because she may have been temporarily suspended, iam pretty sure if a account hijacker bid on her item, they would have cancelled out the bid, not the listing. sounds like she did something shady so they cancelled it.