I find it~~~Large metallic black bowling bag in Lux....

  1. I have been calling around to find this bag and it seems like it has been sold out everywhere.I came across a matt calf leather one,but it is too plain. But finally I found it! The last one in the system.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Please tell me I am doing the right thing cause it uses up my saving for other two Balenciaga bags cause I didnt expect I can still find this bag.:wlae:
  2. Wow, I think you are doing the very RIGHT thing. I'm not a Balenciaga fan, although I did go through that phase.

    Did you get the largest size or the medium for $2160? Some s/a's call the medium large. Saks??
  3. Definitely doing the right thing! Congrats!!
  4. yes yes yes! same decision I had to make too...but you can always save up in the future to get the balenciagas...but those lux bowlers are hard to come by!!!
  5. ABSOLUTELY the right thing. Congratulations!!!:party: Can't wait to see your pics.
  6. I got the large one which is $2460.00 which I have never seen in person cuz it is swept off the shlef quickly.Medium one is little bit too small for me.:yahoo:
  7. Wow, that is worthy of pics here! Double congrats!!
  8. Thanks Roey...I cant wait to receive this bag and will post pics when I get it!....:jammin::jammin:
  9. 0o0o Chloe_concord - yeah yeah yeah!!!!!! woo hoo!! new CHANEL bag!!! congrats!
  10. Excellent!!! Can't wait to see your gem when it arrives...congratulations!
  11. If you only own one Chanel, it should be a Luxe IMO! They're so hot! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  12. Yes, you are doing the right thing! I'd choose Chanel any day. Congrats and I can't wait to see pics!
  13. Congrats! can't wait to see pics!
  14. You're going to love her, Chloe! I've got the same large lux bowler and although it's not a great everyday bag (handles are too short, a bit too wide and heavy), I use mine as a duffle bag for when I'm travelling. :love:
  15. Congratulations! That Is One Beautiful Bag!!! I'm So Happy For You!!!