i find it a little strange...

  1. I search the completed listing for the older generation 60GB ipod on eBay. Most of them are sold close to $300 plus shipping. I find it a little strange why would people willing to pay this amount when they can get a NEWer generation 80G ipod just for about 20 dollar more or so..

    Can someone explain?
  2. Perhaps they have not know yet about new gen?? or they prefer older gen system?? :confused1:
  3. You will be amazed how many people are lacking of technology knowledge. I bet either they don't know the new iPod exist, or they are conservative and don't trust the new devices.
  4. Arh.. i am surprise to hear the reply. I thought people who buy on eBay a mostly technologically sophisticated. But what you both said is probably true.

    I was thinking since it is the old edition, it is sold out everywhere. Just like a vintage or limited edition purse to us. LOL. but again, with the tech stuff.. isn't it the newer the better..;).
  5. That, or there might be accessories included that make up the difference.
  6. no idea...who knows..
  7. I think a lot of people dont know what they're in on eBay. In the past, I have spent much too much on ebay because I didn't check the non-auction market first.
  8. I agree, it pays to do your homework:tup:.
  9. Actually, it's because the older models are better quality. I've had two ipods, as has my brother, and without a doubt, my first one (2nd Gen) was way better. It took 4 years for anything to go wrong (battery died) and when it did, rather than fix it, I was like "oooh, black body, color display, video, eee!" but it took all of 4 months before my new one began to get funny.

    My little brother had a 3rd Gen and it broke a year before my 2nd Gen. I have the newest model and it will randomly stop working or skip or the screen will go blank. My best friend's 1st Gen has yet to break but she bought a new, cooler one anyway.

    Also, if you ask the techie people, a lot of other brand mp3 players are better, but apple did an AMAZING publicity job for the ipod that people just associate mp3 player with ipod so they buy ipods. I'm guilty of the same thing, my roommate's techie bf told me all of the better qualities & features of another mp3 player, but it didn't stop me from getting another ipod when my old one needed replacing.
  10. i'd have to agree that ppl just don't know what's available. perfect example, today i was looking on ebay at a rachel pally dress...that was $20 cheaper on Shopbop.com!
  11. I have to agree with amieks. My Nano just broke down the otherday and it doesnt work to reset it, so now I'm back to my first generation Ipod. It works just fine, but it's a HUGE. I can't belive I once thougt it was small and handy :rolleyes:, Anyway, it's six years old and really retro :p

    Back to topic, .. perhaps the Ipod is stuffed with music?
  12. I would venture to say that most people are uninformed. Some may prefer the older technology, but most are just uninformed... somehow.