I finally went for it!!!

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  1. Okay I have been tempted by all of these pursekets and chameleons posted here.... well after having my large Carly :love: for a while now I adore her but figured I could use a little more organization and especially now that she will be my only bag I figured I could splurge and get one :P .... I was sold on the purse to go that was posted here a few months ago, I think by bagfetish (thank you!) Anyway, I finally ordered one and it came today and it was instant love! Not only does it organize all of my stuff, will make it so my lipgloss and pens won't leak inside my purse, but I can grab it in and out (if and when I get another purse! :P) and the best part is it makes my Carly sit up all on it's own!! Anyway, I know it is not too exciting compared to all of your great bags but I just had to share, if anyone is on the fence, this thing is awesome, I am totally in love!!! :yahoo:
  2. Sorry those are so huge, I had the one rotated and them all saved the same size and can't get them all to post that way :mad: .. sorry!!!
  3. Wow! How cool is that?! I actually had a bag organizer like this one years ago but I don't know what ever happened to it. It wasn't as neat as yours, though.
  4. very nice ,I am thinking about getting one
  5. Which one is that?
  6. I love that! I think I might have to get one for my large carly. What size is it?
  7. Oh, that's so cool! That would make life tons easier.
  8. that is awesome! I may have to get one especially if I ever get a satchel!
  9. That is awesome ! I love your Carly too. I just put myself on a list at the coach outlet for the same one.
  10. Thanks guys! It's called the Purse To Go.. I got it on ebay, this is the large.. it has a bottom in it too, unlike the others.. that is what I liked about it. :yes: It also has velcro on the sides so if I want to put it in a smaller purse I can velcro it to make it smaller.. honestly I cannot say enough about this.. and to have my large Carly stand up and not completely slump over is a bonus! :yahoo: This is the link to the exact one I bought, they have a few other colors and sizes :okay:
  11. I like the fact that it has a bottom!
  12. Oh I LOVE that! That is such a great idea. One of the biggest pains about switching bags is taking stuff out, putting it back in, forgetting to put something that I need in the bag, etc, etc. Especially in something like a large Carly, which I can imagine could feel like bottomless pit without some organization. Thanks for taking such good shots. Where did you get it?
  13. Coach makes this? I've never heard of it before. This is one of the benefits of being a tPFer, learning about this cool stuff. This organizer would keep the lining of your bags in pristine condition. No ink marks from the pens. Just for that reason it's worth getting it. Most of my bags are hobo-like style so I don't know if it would work well in mine.
  14. Thnaks soooooo much fields. I must have this now.
  15. me too! :rochard:

    Exactly, it is great! I got it on ebay, the link is on my post above. :tup:

    I think she means she is on the list for the Carly, this organizer is not made by Coach. It is awesome though, and you can just grab it and go.. and it has a bottom which I really really like, because a lot of the other brands do not.