I finally visited the Coach Legacy Store on Bleeker Street! (Pics included)

  1. Last week I was lucky enough to get to visit the Legacy store on Bleeker street and it was AMAZING! They had the best SA I could imagine and my mom and grandmother even got bags! The only two things I bought were a beautiful scarf that was the front of the actual legacy store along with the Bleeker address! I am planning on framing it and hang it in my bedroom. The other thing I bought was a leather clutch that was HANDMADE in NYC and one of only 48 as a Limited edition!

    Now.. one of the other things I thought you girls might like to see are the pictures of the Coach bathroom. I actually have never visited a Coach store with a public bathroom so I was pleasantly suprised. Isnt it fun?

  2. wow thanks for posting the pictures.. it must be an exciting experience!!
    The bathroom looks quite cozy with all the legacy theme decor!!
    and last but not least.. You're very beautiful toxicgarden!!! ;)
  3. Loooooooooooooooooooove the striped wall and throw pillows!!
  4. Cute!
  5. Very cool! I love the artwork! I hope to make a stop there myself during my (hopefully) next trip to NYC in Feb. Thanks for posting!
  6. That sounds like so much fun!! Thanks for the pics, and you're really pretty.:smile:
  7. You are too cute! Thanks for posting pictures, the store looks amazing! I wonder if I can special order those pillows?:p
  8. Wow, so pretty, love the Legacy stripes on the wall and the pillow!

    Thanks for the pictures!
  9. I would so buy the coach pillows if they sold them lol. any pics of the limited edition? sounds lovely :smile:
  10. Oh, I love the pillows! I wish they'd actually sell those! I'd love one to snuggle with while browsing Coach.com and posting on TPF! Thanks for sharing with us!! (OMG, the stripes on the walls too!!!) WOW!
  11. WOW what a beautiful public restroom!:tup: Pillows and all! You look adorable!
    You remind me of Christina Applegate from the ABC show Samantha Who! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!:yes:
  12. Ohh I'd wanna stuff that pillow into my bag and run ! Lolz.
  13. Oooh so what about a pics of your loot? :graucho:
  14. I will get those up asap
  15. Your pics are great! Sounds like you had lots of fun!!

    Now time for pics of the stuff you bought! I think you bought the scarf I want!!!