i finally tried on the GST in person...

  1. it was pretty, and a really good size, but just didn't look right on me...the shoulder strap keep sliding off and the divider in the middle makes it unpractical as a work bag, since i carry a big lunch box and typically a change of shoe in my bags.
  2. sorry to hear that, but did anything else work for you:graucho: ...hope so!:yes:
  3. i liked the shape and fit of the medallion tote very much, but the strap didn't do it for me...hope they will comeout with something similar by w/ a chain or chain/leather strap.
  4. did you try the cotton club tote? nice size, comfy and has the chains.
  5. Those were my problems too. The Cotton Club is very similar, but much roomier, since it doesn't have the center divider. What did you think of that one?
  6. did you try the Petit Shopping Tote?
    It's about the same size as the Medallion but is roomier and easier to get in/out of.
  7. i have a small cambon tote, so i wanted something alittle more "dressier", i did try on the large cotton club tote and liked it better, but really wanted something in caviar.
  8. no, i didn't try on the PST, since i have a similar sized tote in cambon, but, i did try on the petite shopper, which someone posted not long ago, and it was very cute, but too small and square looking.
  9. the PST is the Petit Shopper
  10. no, it's a boxy one, that has a fully closed zipper, and the chain doesn't have the leather patch, or is that the one you were referring to by petite shopping tote?
  11. Yup, you're talking about mine, lol. I think Swanky was talking about the other one that's more rectangular and doesn't have all the compartments. Sorry nothing caught your eye. I'm hoping Chanel comes out with more caviar totes, there's not enough styles in the regular caviar.
  12. sorry, i should've remembered your name, since you were so helpful

    but it looked great on you in the pic, and led me to think that it was bigger than the PST< but when i tried it on in person, it looked very small, but absolutely LOVE the chain!
  13. oooooooooooh, I just got the GST (and at the the old price too) the other day...didn't slip off my shoulder although I just tried it on to admire...hmmm...