I finally took some pics, yay... my new Jumbo, Reissues, and goodies! :)

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  1. Hi ladies! :smile: I've been drooling over all of the gorgeous recent pics, and finally decided to get off my lazy butt and snap some of my own after my most recent baby (black 227 Anniversary Reissue, ahh) arrived this morning!! I'd never been so happy to see the Fed-Ex man haha! :P

    I lucked into finding both of my Anniversary Reissues through the help of some amazing pfers :heart:... I usually go for silver hardware, but I absolutely LOVE the black reissue with the gold h/w (very vintage like, yet modern all the same), and the grey is just TDF, ahh... definitely my HG grey Chanel! :love:

    I couldn't resist the Navy Patent Jumbo either... it's just stunning IRL (Ro, I tried to take pics from all angles haha, but I got bored of snapping my own pics haha!)... she's the big sis to my navy patent e/w, and cousins with her blue fonce jumbo haha. :P

    Ohhh, I also found the adorable black crackled patent makeup pouch at NM, and the pretty brooch as well (I'm wearing it on my coat in the black anni reissue pic)! :smile: I picked up the pink earrings at Woodbury a few weeks ago (only $125!!), the '08 dangly ones (I love the little teeny dustbag!!) a while back at Chanel, and the black PNY wallet on sale (thanks to some sweet pfers for helping me out! :flowers:) on sale at the boutique.

    Pics coming in a bit (have to resize 'em... I just figured out the attachment feature haha, so sad on my part)! Thanks so much for letting me share!!! :heart:
  2. hurry up!!!! lol I can't wait to seeeeeeee!!!:yahoo:
  3. Hmm... not sure what's going on... it keeps saying file upload failed, ahh. :sad:
  4. yayy! i cant wait!!
    aww :sad: hope that will be fixed soon
  5. The file is probably too big. If you use photoshop go to image, then image size and you can change the resolution to make the photo smaller. I can't wait!!!
  6. Ohh man haha, that took forever! :P
    Left to Right:
    Black 227 Anniversary Reissue side view
    Black 227 Anniversary Reissue front view
    Grey 227 Anniversary Reissue side view
    Grey 227 Anniversary Reissue front view
    Navy patent Jumbo side view

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  7. nice pics!!
  8. I love everything!!!!!!!!!!!! You always look amazing!! Is your jacket by Nanette Lepore? I love it!!!!!! And I really love your navy patent flap! and your black reissue!!!! and your gray reissue!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  9. Wow Minal, you look absolutely gorgeous in those pics, as usual :tup:

    Congrats on finding the anniversary reissues and the patent Jumbo looks stunning :yahoo:
  10. Last of the pics! :heart:

    Navy patent Jumbo front view
    Grey 227 reissue, Navy Jumbo and Black 227 reissue all chillin together! :love: :love:

    Pink crystal earrings (Woodbury score!), brooch (gold with clear crystals and a small cc logo!), and '08 dangly earrings (silver with champagne crystals)!

    Black crackled patent makeup pouch and black PNY wallet (smaller version)

    Inside view of the patent pouch (I love the mirror)!!

    Haha, okay, all done! I think I messed up the very first pic, but hopefully they don't all suck! :P

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  11. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting photos! I never get tired of looking at gorgeous Chanel pieces. LOOOOVE the pouch!
  12. Your reissues are gorgeous. Love them all:love: I was going to ask about the white coat too! It's lovely:girlsigh:

    Can you post a close up pic of the brooch please?? :flowers:

    edit to add: Sorry, I was too impatient. I see you added a pic of the brooch. Love it!
  13. That makeup case is adorable! You always look so classy! I am so happy you were able to finally get the anniversary reissue!!!!
  14. Oh my gosh what a great haul!!! I love everything you got! Especially the navy patent flap. :drool:
  15. Hi GG!! :heart: Aww, thank you!! :shame: You never look anything less than fabulous in your pics!! Ohhh, good eye hehe, it is by Nanette Lepore... I LOVE her stuff (the top I'm wearing with the grey reissue is NL too)! :love: I went to NM the other night for the private sale (actually, I totally forgot about it but happened to be in the right place at the right time!) and found some great NL pieces on sale (and the SA even let me take them home a day early too, I was so excited)!! :happydance:

    Aww, that's so sweet of you to say Nat, thank you!! :shame: I'm so excited I found these bags (well, the reissues in particular, which were much more difficult to find than the Jumbo)!! :sweatdrop: You look stunning in your recent pics girl... I really love your new babies!!! :tup: :heart: