I finally took pictures!!! Come say nice things! =)

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  1. Here's all my LVs! Please scroll down for pictures!

    Alma, Luco, Vavin GM, Marelle, Pochette Porte Monnaie, Porte Valeurs Organizer

    Saleya pm, Speedy 25, Papillon 26, Musette Salsa long strap, Poche Toilette 26, Trousse Make-up, Navona

    black Alma, black Honfleur, black Demi-lune, yellow Continental Viennois, yellow French Purse, yellow Pochette Porte Monnaie

    black Noe

    Mini Monogram 1
    Used Marie, New Marie
    (look at the size difference of used vs. new! They look like completely different bags!)

    Mini Monogram 2
    Used Marie, New Marie, dark blue Josephine PM TST, Conte de Fees Musette

    Small items
    Lilac pochette, purple bandana (anyone remember the name of this?) anthracite Day Meets Night agenda pm and bracelet, silver Monogram Shine Ludlow (or is it porte monnaie plat?), black Damier Vernis Ludlow, green Monogram Perfo pochette cles, taupe Monogram Charms pochette cles

    Day Meets Night/Millenium

    monogram1.jpg damier1.jpg epi1.jpg epi2.jpg minimono1.jpg minimono2 .jpg others1.jpg daymeetsnight.jpg lilac.jpg
  2. :shocked: Wow! Great collection! TWO mm marie?!!!!:shocked: Can I have one???:graucho:
    Thanks for sharing!:heart:
  3. I can't believe I'm only the second post! Gorgeous collection, great variety!
  4. WOW!! Beautiful, amazing collection:yes:
  5. Great Collection! TDF!!!!!!
  6. Look at all that lovely LV...impressive!!! But I have to know....why the two the same????
  7. Thank you for sharing, great collection. Love all the Damier pieces :heart:
  8. woow~~~awesome collection!!!!!
  9. The more I see of the EPI line, the more I WANT!!!! :lol:
  10. Wow...what an amazing collection. You have so many beautiful bags.
  11. Thank you for sharing your collection .. LOVE the damier:heart:
  12. Very nice collection!!! I will take...them all lol. Enjoy!
  13. Impressive collection, really lovely LV!!
  14. i want your Day/Night agenda!!!!!
  15. WOW! gorgeous collection! thank you for sharing!!!!
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