I finally sold Soufflot in the new red and bought another in the discontinued red...

  1. my sister has a Soufflot in the discontinued red, I wanted to trade my new red Soufflot for her old red, however she did not like it the new red:crybaby: I had no choice and sold my new red then I found one on Ebay in the old red from Ultimate_handbag, she is a wonderful seller and even gave free shipping for the bag.

    The bag arrived and it is in mint almost new condition with receipt purchased in 2001. many raves to this seller.:wlae:

    Here is my new Soufflot in discontinued red, I love the black at the edges, the red is deeper:heart:
    and this was my Soufflot in the new red, it is nice but always wanted the deeper red in Epi.
  2. I love both red but I know what you mean..the contrast betwenn red and black grain makes deeper red..congrats!!
  3. whats the difference between the two ?

  4. Thanks, the black edges makes it look a little diferent than my other Epi Pieces.:yahoo:
  5. I definitely like the old red better. Your pics make a good comparison between old and new red.
  6. The old red is a little darker or deeper and the old bag comes with black edges, however both are gorgeous, it is just me. I always wanted it the old shade better.:lol:
  7. wow it's beautiful!!
  8. :yes: Thanks
  9. I saw that bag and thought it was gorgeous, but I didn't know much about the seller. The bag didn't smell or anything unsavory like that? If not, wow, you got a major bargain!
  10. ^^^ same here, IMO the old red looks very beautiful!:love:
  11. I think I did :yes: Is so good to find good sellers on Ebay.
  12. Very nice. I'm glad it worked out for you.
  13. Wow...its beautiful!!!!!
  14. Thanks, I still believe there are honest sellers on Ebay, very few but they are still around.
  15. :yahoo: Thanks Sunshine