I finally snagged a pair of the wedges!!!!

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  1. So, i saw audrina patridge with a pair of gorgeous patent leather wedges with a really skinny heel and i decided that i HAD to have a pair. Well, by the time i had actually seen the pic, the wedges were pretty much sold out EVERYWHERE( Gucci, Neimans, Saks, etc....) well, i had given up on them and decided to just try and find a pair of whatever wedges that looked similar, but NO one carried anything remotely similar. Last friday i was in Saks at Chevy Chase and just threw out "Do you have any patent wedges?" he went and came back with a gucci box and i was like "OMG!!!!! i have been looking for these for MONTHS" [i got way over excited-people started looking at me. haha] and me being dumb was like "are these the only ones in this size?"(i was contemplating how to get them- i had no money) the SA was like "its our last pair" i was like "oh, in this size?" the SA was like "no, its our LAST pair"..

    so, then i knew i had to get them then and there....call my parents "daddy?? i need these wedges. they're the very last pair too."

    they arrived this morning and are totally gorgeous.....

  2. OOOOOOHHHHH SO pretty! Were they on sale too?
  3. Congratulations on your black patent leather Gucci wedges (peep toe)! You're going to love them as they feel comfy. I own a pair in the white patent leather but have yet to wear mine out though. Enjoy your lovely new Gucci wedges.
  4. classic and sexy, enjoy!
  5. incredible sale... they retaild for $510 but i got them for $209

  6. Congrats!! and excellent deal!!
  7. Nice! I am super jealous!
  8. muh shee suh! congrats! :smile:
  9. Hott new Gucci heels x)
  10. I thought they were navy blue until Expy posted otherwise. They look good and I like the emblem on the heel. Only a real gucci fan would notice. Good price too.
  11. Love the shoes and such a great price!
  12. Lucky Girl. Congrats on your new wedges them look cute!
  13. congrats
  14. Very, very nice. We need to see them with an outfit~!!
  15. lol....i wore them with shorts the other day, and skinnies yesterday.... they actually hurt more than i thought they would :sad: