I Finally Scored at an Outlet!

  1. No striptease this time! :yahoo:

    Large belted Ergo hobo in Tobacco, $143.99:


    Cashmere scarf $34.99:


    Pink sig long scarf, $23.20:


    This is the first time I've found such great deals at my local outlet - probably because it was about 4 degrees WITHOUT the wind chill, so no one was shopping! That is half the reason I bought the cashmere scarf LOL.

    This made a rotten day much better - I woke up with the worst sinus headache in the world and it still hurts. But retail therapy is great too - I also hit up the Ann Taylor outlet and the J.Crew outlet.

    Anyways, thanks for looking! :p
  2. wow!!! great deals!!! you got some beautiful stuff...love the ergo!
  3. Retail therapy is the best medicine...isn't it!?!?!?!?
    I got my hands on one of those (belted ergos) at AURORA last Saturday...
    did you get it at AURORA too? (I paid $155.99 though)
  4. I did go to Aurora - they were priced at $179.99 with an extra 20% off and it was the very last tobacco one. I almost got a black one but I already have a black bag.

    Usually all they have at that outlet are the factory exclusives, at least that's been my experience in the past. Not this time - probably because of the cold, no one was there. I actually found a close parking spot!
  5. Oh that ergo is beautiful! Great finds!!
  6. I live in Wheaton, so the Aurora outlet is really close. I wanted to go today, but I worked so :sad:. But can you tell me what else they had like legacy stripe wristlets? Or any cute keychains?
  7. That is amazing that you found a parking spot...lol
    Did you get to park along the side that it along I-88...you lucky ducky...lol
    It must have been amazing to be there with no one there...that place is always PACKED!!! Did they have a lot of boutique transfers today?

    I live up in Mundelein
  8. that is a great deal.. congrats! :tup:
  9. Gorgeous bag!!
  10. Congrats on your awesome finds! I have the very same bag!
    You will love it! You did great!
  11. LOVE the scarf...cashmere is my fave. :smile: Great haul.
  12. Nice! love the ponytail scarf.
  13. I'm staring at the photo of your bag since I've put mine away already... Hahaha. It looks exactly the same size as mine and doesn't look like the large I had picked up (and returned) for my mom... is this the 11261 or 11262? Mine is 11261 and the large is 11262.
  14. Ok, let me see if I can answer everyone's questions:

    luvmysheps, they did not have any Legacy stripe wristlets. They did have the Legacy turnlock wristlets and the Legacy French purses in almost every color. Also, lots of keyfobs such as the owl, penguin, snowflake, star, also a lot of letter charms and the luggage tag charms.

    crazy4coachbags, they seemed to have a decent amount of boutique stuff. Lots of Bleecker small flaps, a few large flaps, Legacy flaps, signature Ali in gold (a lot bigger than I thought she was). Mostly there were a lot of boutique accessories, such as the Bleecker mini wallets, Bleecker wristlets, and Legacy turnlock wristlets and French purses. I parked by the Ann Taylor outlet since that is decently close to the Coach outlet.

    maya, my bag style number is 11261 - so I guess I have the medium then? It's still huge! It holds everything that I usually throw in my Gigi or large Carly.
  15. Awesome deals! Nice finds!