I finally scored a cerise!

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  1. Remember in the 'bags I regret not buying' thread when I said I regret not grabbing a cerise pochette? Wickedassasin informed me that there were a few places who still had them...but I've been to busy to hunt one down.
    Well, I went into Saks Fifth Avenue (Orlando) tonight to see if they had a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that I want to see IRL (the Lila tote) and I remembered that I had seen the cerise pochette on display in their LV a couple of months ago. So I asked and the SA said they still had two! So I gave it my fit test (holds my big wallet, my phone, my key, and chapstick) and bought it. It's sooooo cute.

    If anyone wants to snag the last one, the number is 407-812-4500 (Ingrid is the SA who helped me). They also had a cerise Sac Plat.

    I'm pretty stoked, it isn't THAT huge of a deal but it's my first designer bag and it's the only LV I really ever wanted. AND I got it before the price hike. So YAY :love::love::love:

    PS- that Saks doesn't carry Marc by Marc, btw. hehe.
  2. congrats!
  3. Yay, congrats! :nuts: I kinda regret not jumping on the cerises bandwagon. I'd love a Speedy, but don't want to pay above retail :P
  4. hey bethany

    totally happy for you that you score yourself a cerise! totally cute!!! hope to see pics soon! :smile:
  5. Congrats! I know how it feels to get a hold of a bag you thought you couldn't get a hold of. Enjoy the bag!
  6. I'm pretty mad at myself I didn't get a pouchette and now I'm broke! But I'm not sure how much I would have used it anyway so I'm happy that I got the cles.

    What I really wish I could have gotten was a Cherry Blossom pouchette. =(
  8. Oh Congrats!
    Im on the same boat with you, I never appreciated the Cerise line until they discontinued it and then I took a peek at the Sac Plat and fell head over heels.

    Next goal, anyone know if there's a Cerise Speedy anywhere to be found? Like a return maybe. HEHEH, a girl can hope!
  9. I Purchased Mine Yesturday Through 866-vuitton. They Told Me A Couple Of Stores Stll Carried It.
  10. I'm so happy for you, Bethany!!!! Congrats!!!
  11. Yay! That bag is totally cute! How much is it? I think I might wanna jump the bandwagon also..hehe
  12. Congrats!!
  13. thank you guys! :smile:
    I'm still totally stoked about it. The feeling of buying a designer bag is awesome. It's kinda like the adrenaline rush you get from piercing. Haha...
    It was $355 + tax = $379 something.
  14. haha..suh-weet! that is not as much as i was thinking it was going to be! i was thinking it would be in MC territory.

    and yes, there is nothing like the feeling of bringing home a new baby! hehe
  15. What kind do they have? Do they still have the speedy cerises?