i finally saw the patent ritz bag

  1. today at the SCP chanel boutique.

    the leather is really gorgeous- a crackly patent which i loved! :heart:
    but i didn't like the oblong length of it. it's very long so the bag looked really awkward on me.

    just wanted to give the heads up to anyone who is interested in the bag!
  2. I am so jealous of those who have a real Chanel boutique nearby. Here in the Phila area, we only have Saks and NM, which don't have alot on display.
  3. Jennifer,
    can you compare the shape to any other chanels (or brands?) I hope the shape works for me because I do love that crackly patent!!
  4. Is it like LV's popincourt?
  5. I really like the leather, but I am not crazy about the shape.
  7. It felt like a swing hanging off my shoulder when I tried it on at Saks. I agree, I wish they'd made it smaller... it's just too big and bulky.
  8. I love it, I want one!!!
  9. sophiawinter, YES! that is the perfect comparison!

    , it is triangular in shape just like the popincourt (not the popincourt haut, but the original popincourt that was meant for knitting or whatever!). it's quite long and also fairly tall which is what makes it awkward on me. it was probably about 14" long and then maybe 6" tall.

    allinthebag, i'd recommend you go and check out this bag in person if you can. it looks great sitting on the display but it might look different once you put it on. my bf actually grimaced and shook his head vehemently when i put it on, lol!
  10. Unfortunately, the Chanel store is 6 hours away. I am leaning towards not getting it and letting them sell it to someone else. Maybe when the black one becomes available here at NM, I will see it in person and decide. It does look weird just from the pics on ebay. The frame part of the bag seems weird. I really appreciate your advice *jennifer*. Thank you!
  11. If you call the Bal Harbour store in about a half hour, you can buy the one I am turning down. I feel bad for the SA but I just cannot bring myself to buy a bag that I am 50/50 on JUST from a picture, you know?
  12. Hey Jules,

    This should keep you out of trouble with your DH.:lol: I think it's a good idea to wait for your Neiman's to have it in stock and then you can go try it on in person. It gives you more time too between bags.;)

    I'm so jealous you got a JPG.:wtf:
  13. ^agree with smooth. i would hands down take the jpg over this bag a hundred times over!!
  14. what's JPG??