i finally saw a birkin in real life...

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  1. and i was not impressed at all.

    i thought i would fall head over heels when i saw one in person. i thought my life would be complete (ok, not really) but honestly... i thought i would say, "I have to have one!!!" but i was just left it, "eh."

    maybe it was the stark contrast stitching? or because it was the smaller 25cm bag? i don't know.

    i'm starting to think.. you know, maybe it's not for me. she kind of looked like she was trying too hard to carry an expensive bag and the combination of sweats, uncombed hair, ungroomed nails just wasn't working.

    someone please help me see the light? :blink:
  2. So you saw it on a person? Go take a look at the boutique :biggrin: I am not really a fan of the 25cm either, maybe it was the size. The birkin is not for everyone though.
  3. It's a very understated look and I think 90% of people who do see a Birkin wouldn't know exactly what it is they're looking at.

    That's part of their appeal for me, that it's kind of a neutral aesthetic in terms of the shape itself.

    But I agree, I don't think contrast stitching would look too great.
  4. Oh the white contrast stitching on gold bags is just perfect though! Personally, I think the stitching would depend on the color bag.
  5. Agreed. I don't even like gold or Blue Jean bags w/o white stitching
  6. it was a black bag. maybe as noriko suggested, i should go to hermes and hear it calling out my name. :P
  7. You definitely should! Its been calling my name forever, I need to find the one I want already damn it!
  8. When I was in Hermes in Vancouver all I could do was drool over the rolled up scarves they had in the most beautiful colors....I was too afraid to go near the bags!
  9. What has the birkin got to do with that person carrying it? She's just a lazy dresser and a disgusting one at that. Ungroomed nails? Eeeeee............so unhygienic!!
  10. OMG...that's me..

  11. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. i believe the way how people carry themselves feed into how the things they own are represented. like i said, it was the first time i've ever seen the bag in person and it just left a sour taste in my mouth. if i had seen the birkin in hermes, behind glass doors with soft lights shining on it, music playing in the background, etc, i would've approached the bag differently. remember in episode of sex and the city where carrie goes to buy fake fendi with samantha in "the valley" and the bags just didn't look amazing anymore, even though it looked exactly the same as the authentic ones? it's like the same thing i think. her lack of personal uptake took away the experience of judging how bags are normally presented to me, in optimal conditions.
  13. That's a lesson to everyone of us. No matter how busy you are, at least do make sure you have groomed nails and well-combed hair. Oh..make sure you wipe your sweats and the shine on your face also.

    So, Sara, have you gone to hermes to see the birkin?
  14. no.. not yet unfortunately. i promised myself i would "reward" myself once my big big exam is over next month. i shouldn't even be on this forum right now... :lol: :sad2:
  15. Hey, define "groomed nails". MY nails are clean, I just hate nail polish. I have good nails, nice and shiny. Is this groomed?

    And what do you mean by wipe your sweats?