I finally saved enough money for vouge vif work, but they are all gone

  1. :crybaby:Please tell me if I still can find one.
  2. Try AlohaRag, my sister-in-law just ordered one last Thursday...
  3. Where have you looked? I thought that BalNY was still taking names for them as they come in?
  4. sorry to hear that, but i've only seen a rouille in stores near me :P
    try aloharag.com
  5. I've tried aloha rag on last Sat., they don't have any left?
  6. how about shirise.com?
  7. They don't accept handbag returns. I have never tried the work size on me before. I have a city bag, and I love it. I want something different. But also concerned if work is too big for me, then I will not be able to return it.
  8. Have you called every Neimans and Saks that sells B-bags???
  9. Oh no, have you tried Barneys? I hope you find one.
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