I finally returned it and I'm sad.

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  1. I finally returned my '06 Legacy Canvas/Citron Shoulder bag that I got at TJM. Since it had been more than 30 days, I had to get a credit. I was sad to see it go, but I just tried and tried to carry it around the house and didn't feel it. Boo.
    They had gobs of bags, but mostly KVZ and the leather ones by her husband. No D&B or Coach.

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  2. Oh!
    I love that bag.
    Sorry you didn't have THE feeling for it.
    I kinda regret not buying it at TJM when I saw it back in May/June.
  3. Its a nice spring/summer bag. How much was it at TJM? I see them on ebay too...was actually thinking about the blue one! :graucho:
  4. Oh darn, and that was such a nice color combo! But, better to have the credit so you can buy something you do love!
  5. They had that bag marked down to $124.99-20% = $99.99 at my Off Saks 5th yesterday! It is cute, but I was not able to "feel" it either.
  6. You weren't totally in love with that bag from the beginning, so it's better off you have the room to find one that you really know you will use.
  7. Yeah they have a ton at my Saks Off 5th but I just don't feel that bag
  8. Awww...Go to another TJM and find yourself a bag that you adore!
  9. Thanks. The real prob was that it was too expensive ....$225! So I couldn't even sell it on the bay. It was better to just return and get the credit. I did buy some silver jewelry and a birthday gift for a friend, plus still have almost $100 left on the card!
    But I did love the looks of the bag and the legacy lining. It was just that it didn't feel right on my shoulder. I have the '07 black leather shoulder bag and it's fine. But the canvas wasn't as soft and didn't "fit" as well.

    Looking for my next bag.........as always. :shame:
  10. And that's half the fun ;)
  11. I saw it also marked down at Off 5th Saks in Orlando....they had it in various styles....also had it in the blue combination!
  12. I know exactly how you feel...

    I'm returning 2 Slim Sig. Carlys :sad: [sometime this week]
    I have tried to love them, but the passion is not there :crybaby:
    I feel like I was only holding on to them because they were about 40% off :Push:
    Maybe I was :sweatdrop: But now that I'm branching out, it's time to let go of some :yes:

    Think of all the new Coach :heart: you can get by letting this one go :tup:
  13. Oh what a pretty bag.... but if you werent feeling it, its best you brought it back. I can see how the citron might be hard to get use out of. I too am guilty of buying Coach bags at TJX and later returning them. I like to get them home, post them up on here, find out what they are... and then my husband finds it in the closet and I return it so I dont have to hear it from him =)
    Its too bad that you are regretting bringing it back, but just think, now you have a credit and something better will always come along!