I finally received my outdoor flap...except

  1. it's not perfect!
    I absolutely love the bag itself, the color, the leather (it's alot softer than i expected, definitely softer than my brown outdoor ligne hobo)...i love absolutely everything about this bag...except, several parts of the strap are fraying already...this was a return, SA promised me it was never used and in perfect pristine condition. I'm quite disappointed and sad that it's not perfect. I expected more from my SA....anyhow, here're some modeling pictures...I really do love this bag! it is less boxy than the regular jumbo flap.
    chane outdoor flap 002.jpg
  2. Awww that stinks, it is beautiful.
  3. Aawww...sorry to hear that takeoutbox...she's still gorgeous!!! :love: :yes:
  4. here're some more pictures, including one of the frayed section, there're quite a few sections that're like that...what should i do? i'm in canada, i don't really want to have to send this bag back!!!
    seriously, i am so disappointed :sad:
    chane outdoor flap 001.jpg chane outdoor flap 003.jpg chane outdoor flap 009.jpg chane outdoor flap 004.jpg
  5. oops, i didn't realize i posted this in the shopping forum...mods, pls help to move it...tks :smile:
  6. That's a gorgeous bag! :heart: :heart: Did you get it in the States?

    Fraying like that comes from a lot of use... how could it have happened? :confused1:
  7. ohh I love it... hmm.. I would talk to the SA and state that I am disappointed. If the SA can do an exchange of the bag without extra charge, I would send it back.. Its their mistake so there should not be any charge.
  8. glad you finally got it! Think you made the right decision. It look great on you.
  9. tks jayne, it is a gorgeous bag! i bought it from Saks michigan troy. i'm quite pissed right now, i kept asking her to make sure it is in perfect condition becuae i won't be exchanging or returning it....and she assured me that it was!!! the fraying is not just in one section, it's several sections!!!!!
  10. the problem is my friend has left the states for good, so if i was to have this bag sent back and then sent to me directly in canada, i would get charged a really hefty custom fee....ugh!!!!!
  11. girls who have this bag...can you pls verify that the leather is super soft?
    it feels completely different from my hobo, i wonder if it's soft becuase it's used...i tried calling the SA, and she's off till saturday!!!!
  12. That is a gorgeous bag! I'm sorry this happened to you and the SA was not totally honest. I hope this all works out for you.
  13. That's awful to hear that you are stuck with a damaged bag. I would be furious too. Do you have a chanel boutique over there that can repair it for free since it's less than a year old and has a warantee.
  14. If you have a Chanel boutique close to you they can have it fixed. Bring your box and receipt. They might have to send it out and it may take up to 6 weeks, but at least it would take care of the problem. Sometimes they can actually fix it at the store if it's not too bad.
  15. so, you think even though i bought it from Saks in the u.s., my local toronto chanel boutique would be willing to repair it?