I finally received my IF Audra!

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  1. Lots of talk recently about Isabella Firore's fabulous bags and I was a major player - I got my brown "Audra" today ordered from Neiman Marcus - I caught it in a moment where they actually had the bag - well, after they screwed up my accout for a bried period, they adjusted it and sent me the bag - Let me just say that it is more fabulous that i could have imagined! - It is truly Isabella Fiore's masterpiece and I am thrilled with it!! - Anyone on the fence, get off it, It's an amazing bag!
  2. What features of the bag do you like best? C'mon, spill! Let the rest of us enjoy vicariously!
  3. i got the bronze last week and i love it too! :P such a good puchase. its big, but not overpowering for the petite (i'm 5'2''). it has a zippered pocket and 3 open pockets, so things don't get lost, despite the roominess. getting tons of compliments on it :love:
  4. Okay, I had never touched it before I bought it - It is thick rich peppled leather with gorgeous gold studs beautifully placed, tassles, amazing handle, so theft resistant and stunning - It's just a dream bag, holds everything properly and most important for me: big enough but not too big - I have several more costly bags but I can see myself cozying up to this one for quite a while!! So now as any true bag addict would ask "what's next"
  5. my feelings exactly - the bag is practically perfect! i love mine!
  6. So suzyz did you get the same one I had posted the pic on on my other thread? Or is it the one with the long tassle like the Alexia?
  7. Actually, if you could post pics of you bag I would LOVE to see the beautifulness that encompasses this bag! :P
  8. Munchkyn, It has 2 fairly short attractive tassles - a small hanging logo - the bag is to die for - I am going to take some photos of it later when I get home and post them for you to see. - I'm not clear on the differences everyone is pointing out but I love the one I got and because it's from NM, I know I've got the real deal - Would like some shoes in this amazing color - I'll have to look. till later!!
  9. Thanks! I look foward to see your bag! I am so jealous...
  10. hfxshopgirl, I am small too, could you post a picture of you carrying the bag onyour shoulder please? I'd love to see how it hang on you to see if it suits me, many thanks. K.
  11. Yes, it's the exact bag you posted - you just can't see the substance of it in the photo - It is thick and lush and rich.
  12. sorry its taken me so long to post the pics, had to make my boyfriend take some. here it is! :P jenn isabella small.jpg
  13. Its big but isn't not overpowering you in the least bit. It looks great!
  14. Thank you hfxshopgirl! The bag is BIG but it looks great on you. I have a feeling that because it's in lighter colour, it looks a little bigger than the brown. I love it and really want one NOW! :0|

  15. It looks great on you! :biggrin: