I finally received my Cabas Vinyl Bag

  1. After 4 long weeks, I located and received my Cabas Vinyl Bag. I will take the bag to Chanel here in London to authenticate it, but it has been used all beit gently, and I wondered if anybody else with the bag has noticed tiny white marks in the vinyl where it has been used.

    I am just delighted to have found the bag, and I really love it.

    P.S There is a little gold sparkly around the serial number which I believe to be authentic.

    Looking forward to anyone's comments re the vinyl if you have time!
  2. pics pls....
  3. congrats :yahoo: i have one too adn love it... i think it's very chic and trendy. although i have to admit i kinda used my leather one more often now :p
  4. :yahoo: CONGRATS~ Isn't it goergeous? I love mine :heart:
  5. Oh yes, pictures please!!
  6. Congrats - can't wait to see pics!! :yahoo:
  7. Congrats on finding the vinyl, I know it's hard!!! I haven't noticed any white marks on mine but it's only been out a couple of times. Hope you love it as much as I do!
  8. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!! I found it on E Bay, and the seller inc the receipt from NM. I am useless at taking pics, but will try to do so later.
    Thank you for your replies !!!!!!!