I finally picked up my new Chanel goodies!

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  1. So after I got off work I picked these babies up, and of course I just had to open the package in my car :graucho: I immediately put on my earrings and I love them! Thanks to DD101(Dianne) for posting her purchase of the same earrings and giving my her wonderful SA Jason's contact info. I took pictures with my phone, sorry the quality of the pictures are not that good.

    Introducing my new white cc enamel studs with pearls and crystals and my salmon pink camellia wallet!
    img075.jpg img070.jpg img071.jpg img073.jpg img072.jpg
  2. hehhe! I do the same thing when I'm excited about a purchase (opening them up in my car!).

    Love the new purchases! Great choices...:tup:
  3. I love your purchase especially the beautiful wallet. Enjoy!
  4. Sammi, I'm so happy you are happy with the earrings! They are a great size, they really show up beautifully on you! And your wallet is gorgeous, I love the embossing. So happy I could help! :tup::yes:
  5. congrats on your great purchases!
  6. I bought the same wallet in the Dark Grey, and I absolutely love it! Congrats on your purchases!

  7. i love the earrings, congrats...
    I want me a pair now:tup:
  8. how much was the wallet?
  9. They're lovely !Congrats!:cutesy:
  10. Looks amazing on you! very chic.. Congrats!
  11. You look great with the earrings and I'm loving the wallet!!
  12. Cute! I love the wallet!!!
  13. Congrats.

    Love them both.:yes:
  14. cute earrings!!
  15. oooh gorgeous purchases.

    You must have been so excited tearing open that package :biggrin: