I finally own a Balenciaga....

  1. but I am not sure I love it. the SA told me it was french blue but when I opened it, it was not french blue in fact i am not sure what color it is.

    I think I should love my first bag, I do LOVE the hobo style but not so sure of the color. I also can't seem to post pics any ideas?

  2. if you go (under the post) to "go advanced" and then to manage attachments...there will be a place that you can attach files...

    i am certainly computer illiterate so maybe someone else may be able to weigh in on explaining how to post....
  3. Verty-

    It looks more like the second to left color I think...
  4. What color blue do you think it is? What is the year & season on the paper tag? Here are some possibilities of years/seasons and the blues in those seasons:

    2007 1 (blue glacier, french blue, aquamarine)
    2006 3 (blue inda, blueberry)
    2006 1 (cornflower, ink)
    2005 3 (navy)

    and here are color swatches by season to view:
  5. okay here it is i hope...
  6. Ahh..definitely aquamarine. You don't like? aww....

    It is so annoying when SA's get the color and/or style wrong (when you're dealing over the phone). It's happened to me, too ... sorry about that!!
  7. hmm that's aquamarine.. i wonder if she sent you aquamarine by mistake:confused1:

    eta: i see the pic. she's beautiful.. but def. not french blue lol
  8. It is aquamarine and it is gorgeous! That bag is very hard to find. I have had the same experience, with the SA sending me the wrong color bag. Good luck w/your decision.
  9. It's growing on me and mayeb know I can just get another one. : ))
  10. I think it is gorgeous - that color looks great with the giant and perfect for spring/summer! But you gotta love it . . .
  11. how is the leather?? is it soft and smooshy??
  12. It's perfect soft and very smooshy not too veiny at all which is what I love
  13. I think it's gorgeous! Maybe you should view it as a happy accident...the Aqua is such a stunning colour:heart:

  14. sounds like you're starting to grow attached :p