I finally made my decision!

  1. Okay, so I think I've finally made a decision...after days of wanting to gouge my eyes out. I swear, I'm so indecisive it's scary!

    I'm putting my foot down right now and deciding on a Carly signature demi in khaki. Now, I'm normally more of a big bag girl. I LOVE the way they look and gravitate more towards them. One problem--I hardly put anything in my bags!! A wallet, pack of gum, lip gloss and cell phone. That's it! It's taken me this long to realize that I really don't need to carry around a big bag, especially since I'm always complaining about even the small ones I have weighing down on my shoulder.

    I knew I'd have to wait a while if I wanted the medium Carly, since it's $348. And then I thought...well hey, there's a demi there, and it's cheaper! We're talking $130 difference here! I mean, I haven't had a job for a while and just started back part time, a summer type thing just until I graduate next semester. I worked at a department store and made great money. Now I'm down to 6.50 an hour plus some small tips (on call, so I don't even have a set schedule). I'm basically making peanuts. And ya know, I really don't NEED the Carly right now since I just bought a wristlet and mini skinny but damnit, I want it! I don't have too much in my bank account so I think I'm just gonna stick it on a credit card and do $50 or so a month. And then I'm really putting my foot down and saying NO MORE!

    I just hope I like the demi. I've been searching for threads so that I can get an idea of what it looks like and I'm not too sure if I'll like it. I'm kind of really hoping I do though since it's in my price range for now. I just think it would be a waste for me to spend all that money on the medium Carly when I really don't put much in there anyway. What do you girls think? Any comments on the demi? If anybody has gotten it recently, how is the slouch? That's all I'm really concerned about..I love slouch. If the demi doesn't slouch with not too much stuff in it, I'll be upset.
  2. I'm glad you made a decision! I've actually been curiouis to see the demi ON someone so you HAVE to post pics when you get it!
  3. i love big bags but caved and bought a kooba bonnie because i realize i don't carry that much and a good deal came by. im pleased with my lil bag ;)

    i don't know enough about the carly to comment about if you'll like it or not but i think you will and i wanna see it on ya!
  4. My boutique didn't have it when I called but they ordered it for me. I should get it sometime next week. Yay!! So excited :yahoo: