I finally made my decision between the mini lin croisette n the azur...

  1. As some of u guys know I was torn between the blue mini lin croisette speedy and the azur...
    Got to Brown Thomas, tried on both... and the 25 as well. The 25 was far too small, it seemed like a toy plus, i felt that for the size and the price difference the 30 was better value for money :wtf: Anyway... the SA seemed really keen on damier in general, and when I asked her about the croisette getting dirty she nodded in agreement, especially with the amount of rain (its been bucketing down here :crybaby:).

    So, sparing the extra on my darling BFs wallet as well.. I went for the Azur. Hooray!!!:heart::yahoo:

    There it is with my epi wallet (with receipts hanging out of it from the shopping) :smile: (is it weird that i use a wallet rather than a purse?)
  2. good choice! congrats!
  3. great bag, I love it! congrats!
  4. Congrats, excellent choice!
  5. Gongrats laura
    wear her in good health and maybe later you can buy the mini lin as well...lol
    great choice anyway
  6. congrats! it's a gorgeous bag!
  7. Yay! great choice, she's beautiful!
  8. Congrats! Enjoy - I love my 25:yes:
  9. Ahhh!! Love it!! That's also my next LV :smile: I was debating to get it before the price increase, but I just got the mini lin.... Did you get this before the price increase?
  10. congrats! i love azur!
  11. congrats!
  12. I'm afraid not.. the price increase was effective in UK and Ireland (and I'm assuming the rest of Europe) last week!
  13. Congrats! She's beautiful, I love my Azur speedy! :heart:
  14. Love it!!! Enjoy!! :yes:
  15. congrats!