I finally located the Mirage Speedy 30... but...

  1. Hi all!
    I finally found the Mirage Speedy 30 (the texas Saks)...
    But I am still doubting myself...
    Did I do the right thing by having it shipped to me or was I too impulsive (driven by the fact that they are so hard to find...)
    Is it worth $1900?


    Any thoughts?
  2. I think the Mirage Speedy is beautiful! It's such a great, useful shape, and the Mirage look really spices up the LV monogram. But only you can know if it's worth it for you!
    (Personally, I'm hoping my husband was impulsive, too, and managed to track down one for me for Christmas! :smile:)

    By the way - what color did you get?
  3. Thanks for your reply...
    I bought the black one...
    I fell in love with it when I went to the LV boutique but I left without purchasing it... I went back the next day and they were all gone. That's when I went crazy -- so I finally found one in Texas...

  4. The black is the one I want, too. I think they're both beautiful, but I thought I would get more use out of the black.
  5. Worth every penny. No question. You'll understand the moment you open that box.
  6. I LOVE mine in black!!!!!! You won't be sorry!
  7. Oh, I don't think you will be sorry at all .... esp when you are the envy of not only most of us here but out when you are carrying it!
  8. I think you did the right thing- you nabbed one while you had the chance and if you ultimately don't like it, you can always return it :yes:
  9. I think you absolutely did the right thing to get it now.

    I'm also dying for the black one. I've been hinting like crazy that I want it for Christmas. I just hope my husband orders me one before they are all sold out.
  10. You did the right thing :smile: The Mirage Speedy is soooooo gorgeous!! Don't forget to post pics when you get it
  11. you did the right thing. i LOVE my noir mirage speedy.
  12. I agree with everyone else...

    You will LVoe carrying that baby around...all heads will turn and stare. It is expensive but so worth it...now and forever.
    I have and LVoe my Bordeaux! Congrats and wear it well!!
  13. I wish I could bring myself to buy the mirage :sad: so hats off to you!