I Finally Know What's So Great About Botkier!!

  1. I just got my small Sophie tote, and OMG it's gorgeous! The leather is what I always expected from reading all the descriptions about Botkier. Soft and scrumptious! After two disappointments (botkier rose medium satchel and the cairo satchel) I finally found one I LOVE. Thank goodness, because I've had my eye on this for a couple seasons. I got a fall style in ink. It's the perfect size, color...everything. Highly recommend it! Plus I got it for 25% off at Active Endeavors!! What could be better?!:yahoo:
  2. I know! Pictures!!!! <please> :yes:
  3. I'm seriously thinking about getting a Botkier Clyde... can they hold much? it's so hard to tell how MUCH a bag can hold!
  4. I'm so glad you like it!I've read about your previous disappointments.
    Please post pictures,we'd love to drool...:yes:
  5. Congratulations! I love Botkier too.
  6. Thanks! I'm off to buy a new camera (tomorrow....I swear!!) and hopefully get some pictures up soon.
  7. Love that bag. You and I have discussed this before I think...but this bag's leather is more the type of leather they usually used, that made some of us so addicted. :smile: Lately they have been fooling around with the leather on some of the other bags :sad: But I think they'll come back to this nice leather eventually. They have in the past. :tup:

    Glad you love it!
  8. Congrats! :tup: