I finally know what true love is!

  1. I went to Nordstrom's today and got a medium black leather belted Ergo for $163.80!!!! I am SO excited to have this bag! I have wanted an Ergo for a long time and i think this was a sign that now was the time for me to have one!!! :nuts:
    The best part is that my FI said that he LOVES the bag and it is his favorite Coach bag that he's seen!!!
  2. What a great dea, congrats! I am looking for a belted ergo myself.
  3. Thanks! they had one other one in Plum, which is just lovely! go run to your local Nordstrom now now now!!! :smile:
  4. Wow great deal! I have the same bag in plum - believe me, you will adore carrying it!
  5. Great deal... post pics and modeling pics! :tup:
  6. Congrats!! Great price! Please post pics!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. haha thanks girls! When I bought it, FI said "you're gonna go home and post this on TPF, aren't you" and I was like of course! these ladies understand!
  9. Fantastic...you found the perfect bag!!!:tup:
  10. There are no Nordstrom near where I live! :tdown:
  11. Great choice!
  12. Ok here are some pics! I took some great modeling pics, but unfortunately my mirror in the bathroom is NAS-TAY so you'll be seeing none of those!!

    Anyway, in these pics not only can you see my new beauty, but you can also see inside of her the beautiful blue coin purse from the Japan website, and the ladybug heart locket which is still hanging on my stripe tote! FI is so cute, he put a picture of us in it :smile:

    Enjoy! I can't WAIT to use her tomorrow!
    P1000222.JPG P1000223.JPG
  13. That is so classy!!! I love that bag. If you get a chance could you post a pic of it on the Ergo Club thread?
  14. I'm in the same boat as you!! I bought the medium tobacco belted Ergo hobo last Friday and it's one of my two favorite bags (the other being the clay shoulder bag)!! I love, love, love it sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

    Are you going to accessorize it??
  15. I will surely post in the Ergo lovers thread- YAY! so proud to be a member haha!

    Maya- I wanted to get a tobacco one! and for sure i am going to accesorize it- that's my favorite part of getting a new bag, lol :smile: