i finally have one!

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  1. ok my reveal! ive been waiting all week for this beauty!!! whos around??? :nuts:
  2. Me!
  3. I'm here!
  4. Let's see it!
  5. Can't wait!:woohoo
  6. Yeah, A live one!
  7. lighting kinda sucks tonight in my house
  8. I'm here! Let's see.
  9. a little peeksie pooh....
  10. Hm, is it a Kristin something or other:P
  11. so i never initially liked this bag, it looked too close to an old school nine west bag i had, but i started seeing her all over, and fell in love...

    another good teaser...kinda
  12. Open it!
  13. Ready!
  14. brace yourselves....

  15. This is like a strip tease!