I finally got the light grey zip wallet

  1. So very much excited that I wanted to share it with you! :heart:

    Thank you so much bag lover/ Helena for posting pictures, I felt in love with it the moment I saw the picture you posted!


    And wanted to share my new sunglasses as well:p
  2. Very pretty, I think gray is going to be big this season.
  3. i like the gray... you can probably use it in the fall too.
  4. ^^ I know that's why I picked it! :smile:
  5. congratulations!
  6. smart thinking- fantastic choice then.... :smile:
  7. So pretty- congratulations! Love your chloe sunnies too
  8. Omg, that is gorgeous!!! Hmm... it sorta makes me want to get one but I already have a ZC in Graphite.
  9. I never would have thought that light grey and gold hardware would look so great together. Boy was I wrong!! It's absolutely beautiful! Congrats!!
  10. I saw a light grey MJ tote as well and that one was gorgeous. The grey was slightly different then the light grey from the zip clutch, but I was drooling over that bag.
  11. ^ITA..that shade is perfect w/ the gold hardware..Just love it!!! Congrats!!!
  12. its TDF. so beautiful and i love ur sunglasses too.
  13. It's beautiful!! Congrats!
  14. Very pretty zip clutch! Congrats ;)
  15. that is a gorgeous color! I love the zip clutch! Congrats on your new purchase.