I finally got the clutch of my dreams!!!!

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  1. Thanks to Pixedust posting her beautiful clutch and mentioning where she purchased it, I was able to find the same clutch. I loved this clutch ever since I laid my eyes on it, but when I decided to buy it--I couldn't find it.

    Here it is, it just arrived about an hour ago and I'm in love. Thank you Pixedust.

    I have also included a picture of my whole gucci family.
    guccis 001.jpg guccis 008.jpg
  2. you're very very welcome naturale!!! i'm glad you got your clutch! :smile: yup, it's hooot! LOL
  3. Congrats, it's lovely ! Love your horsebit hobo too, so cute !
  4. Congrats on your new gorgeous clutch! Those are real beauties in your collection!:drool:
  5. beautiful clutch! makes me want one tooo
  6. love it, congrats!
  7. It's great. You have a wonderful collection!
  8. What a great addition to your collection. Enjoy it!!!
  9. It's lovely! Congrats
  10. Thats is very nice - love your collection ... especially the hobo :smile:
  11. congrats, i love the horsebit
  12. Congrats on your new clutch! I have a similiar clutch and I am in love with it! You'll definitely get a ton of compliments wearing it.
  13. Thank you all.
  14. :yahoo: Wow! Your collection is beautiful! Congrats on the latest! :heart: Emmy
  15. It's so elegant! Congrats!