I finally got the Burberry bag I've been wanting for the longest time!

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  1. So like I said in the title, I finally got the Burberry bag I've been wanting which is the novacheck bag. Bought it at the Burberry store at South Coast Plaza. This isn't really my first Burberry purchase as the one I got was too small for me. lol. I love big bags so the novacheck is the one I ended uo getting. :yahoo:Anyways, here it is along with the bag it came in which I thought was cute. hehe.

    ^ awww I love the bag and how it looks with the bow tied at the top!


    Man I am sooo in love with it! Probably one of my fave bags in my collection of bags. lol. Oh and I also bought Burberry sunnies at Sunglass Hut which I'll post later on in here.
  2. Congrats on acquiring your true love! :yahoo:
  3. Congrats- I love it's elegant clean lines!
  4. That is stunning! :nuts: Congrats on a great choice! :drool:
  5. Congrats on your tote!!
  6. great choice, congrats!!
  7. oh i LOVE this tote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been eyeing it for a quite a while too. congrats!!!
  8. it's awesome, and very baby friendly. i just saw yours and the one with the white trim. but i can't carry big bags so i ended up with the smaller version. Congrats, it's a beauty!
  9. how much did you buy the purse for? it's a beautiful bag. And yes the shopping bag is very nice also. Burberry just changed their shopping bag recently I guess.

    This is mine, kinda similar to yours but I love your black trim.

  10. Girls, those are so pretty! Congrats and enjoy them well!
  11. Aww thanx everyone! :smile:

    I love yours! It's very pretty esp with the red trimming. The only difference with both our bags is that yours has that hardware on the handles and mine doesn't. Oh I actually ended up getting mine for $457 with tax included.
  12. Beautiful! ENJOY! :tup:
  13. Love your tote- congrats!
  14. Love this tote, great purchase, congrats
  15. ahhh i love those bags! both red and black trim are so pretty. Do they fit on shoulder?