I finally got one

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  1. someone BINed the speedy i was going to buy this morning (i was going to wait for the authentication to come back from mypoupette, i sent it off last night and it was in my email when i woke up) in the six hours that i was asleep. #*%&*#*#%*#. it was in great condition with a beautiful patina for $300.

    so congrats! but i definately understand your frustrations.
  2. great bag, love the color!
  3. Ooh - it's gorgeous. I love it.
  4. Oh no! I hope you find another one for a good price. I didn't think that anyone would BIN with one hour left and I saw one go after the other so I was like, WTF?! :evil: But I got this one and everything checks out. I wanted to get it authenticated by mypoupette but there wasn't much time left so I kept on reading the guides and such. I could bring it to the LV closest to me so I'm kinda resting easy on this. Good luck to all those looking on eBay! Don't give up (even though I almost did)!
  5. Well good job being patient! It looks like it paid off! Great color! Congrats!
  6. Congrats!! :smile:
  7. Congrats Kathyrose! What a beauty!!!
  8. i've got about a dozen more speedys on my watch list, lol, but i don't like to bid, i like to BIN, and that was the only one with that option :sad: i'm almost never home or at a computer when my auctions end because i work and go to school on pretty rigid schedules. congrats on your success, though, ebay success can be had, i suppose.
  9. Gorgeous! That red is to die for, congratulations!
  10. Amanda, you have to try esnipe.com. They do all the work for you....and hold your bid until the last few seconds of the auction. That way, it doesn't drive the price way up from bidders trying to top eachother! You don't have to be there for the auction end....

    I have been using it for the past couple years now....it truly is amazing!
  11. I love it! The color is gorgeous. Congrats, I'm happy for you! :nuts:
  12. does it cost anything?
  13. i don't think anyone can go wrong with a red bag :smile:!
  14. I like the Ferrari Red! Now you just need the Ferrari to go with it. ;)