I Finally Got One! Rare, Italian, Exotic, Numbered, Hand-Made, and Vintage!

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  1. #1 Sep 17, 2019
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    I have a weakness for the vintage "Made in Italy" Madison and Gramercy Coach bags from the 1990s, they just seem so special and lady-like!

    I have collected quite a few of the Italian bags over the years but I've always wanted one of the Limited-edition, numbered, Coach bags that were hand-made in Italy from exotic leathers - but I never found one that I could afford. They are rare and don't come up for auction very often and when they do they are usually expensive.

    Recently I was surprised to see one listed on the Shopgoodwill.com site with a low starting bid but the pictures looked kind of rough. I wasn't sure that I would be able to rehab it but I entered a modest bid and was surprised when I won the auction for only $32! @BeenBurned and @Hyacinth kindly authenticated the bag and gave me information about it. It really is a rare item because Hyacinth said that she has only seen a couple of them over the years.

    It took Goodwill of Orange County 12 LONG days to send the bag but when I finally got it I was delighted! The bag was in good condition and didn't need much rehab work at all and I am excited to share her with you now. So is anyone interested in seeing my rare, exotic little treasure? Any guesses as to what type of bag I found languishing in Orange County, CA?


  2. I am on board! *grabs popcorn*
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    I had never seen a creed patch like this before but Hyacinth helped me to interpret it. It is a small creed and only meansures about 1.5 in x 1.25 inches. It is made of metal and attached with bolts to the inside pocket.

    "0E" means that it was made in the year 2000 at the Italian (E) plant but no month code is given. The style number of the bag is 8190 and it is bag number 120 out of only 200 hand-crafted bags.

    Here is a picture of the unusual creed.

  4. Oooh...lizard! :nuts:
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    It might be a bit of a let down after that big build-up because it is such a small, demure little bag. I am now the proud owner of a brown Lizard Framed Clutch 8190 with silver hardware. The bag is made of genuine lizard and the lining is pig-suede. It cost $650 back in 2000 -2001 to buy this little bag!

    Here are the after rehab pics. Also below are pics from the Wayback Machine of the original Coach listing. I would have loved to find a purple one but I am happy with my little brown bag!







  6. She's gorgeous! :love: As far as rehabbing, what exactly did you do?
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    Thanks! Here are the Before rehab pics from the Shopgoodwill web site and they looked kind of nasty, so I was concerned about the condition of the bag but I decided to take a chance for only $32 - and the bag wasn't in bad shape at all when it arrived.

    The hardware was tarnished and the bag and lining were dusty and a little dirty, and tired-looking but the bag was intact, there was no real damage, the unusual brown and silver metal hangtag was included, it wasn't misshapen, and it didn't have any nasty smells - a real jewel for an exotic bag that is almost 20 years old!

    All I had to do was wipe down the outside of the bag with water, shine up the hardware with Wenol, brush the pig-suede lining with a soft brush, apply DYO Reptile cleaner/conditioner to the lizard surfaces and buff with a soft cloth. She looks a lot better after a little TLC! Here are the before pics from the auction.






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    The Lizard Framed Clutch 8190 is small bag but surprisingly roomy because the wide-open frame construction and rounded bottom give me plenty of room "for the necessities" when I carry her on a special occasion, and the chain strap fits comfortably on my shoulder.

    @JOODLZ has this exact same bag but her bag is Number 125 so it is a little younger than my bag, Number 120.

    @Hyacinth told me that Coach also made a Lizard Envelope Clutch in peridot, pink, and black/white around the same time, see the Ads below, but I have never seen one of those.


  9. What a stunning bag. Enjoy.
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  10. Amazing! Congratulations on that great bag and bargain!
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  11. Wow! Incredible find! Congrats on your new treasure :smile:
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  12. Congratulations, I'm glad a tPFer got it! And at 5 percent of the original retail too, if my math is right. Your rehab looks gorgeous!
  13. That's awesome!
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  14. Oh....... What a find and a beautiful rehab! :heart: Enjoy that treasure.
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  15. What a find!! Congratulations, it's a beautiful bag.