I finally got one of my dream bags!

  1. I've always wanted a Ciao! It didnt matter in what print, but when I saw two in Vacanze I had to have one! SO i got one! I wanted a Ciao Ciao in Vacanze, but I might get a bigger bag I dont know? MAYBE.. I still want a Zucca & Gioco I think I might get a Tutti Gioco and a Vacanze Zucca or what? Switch the prints?
    front.JPG back.JPG closed.JPG
  2. Congrats!!! Nice..
  3. You got a nice placement! I love the little ice cream cones and Mozzarella, of course.
  4. I love this bag, its soo comfortable! I wish I had gotten the Citta one at Urban Outfitters =[
  5. Great character variety between the two sides. Very cute bag!
  6. It's so cute, REYNALD0C!!:tup:
    &Yeah, i'd say do Tutti in Zucca and Vacanze in Gioco, but that's just my opinion. :shrugs: :biggrin:
  7. that's exactly what i got... so i agree! :tup:
    and cute ciao! i got my mom one of those for x-mas :yes:
  8. ohh were did you get it? very pretty
  9. You got in my opinion the best part of the print. I love the yetti! Great ciao!
  10. I got it at Macys! and thanks a bunch everyone!
  11. I'm trying to do the same as you actually~~! I have a vacanze zucca and I'm looking for a tutti gioco! but I think the tutti would be better on the zucca since you get a bigger area for the print...since the print is so big ^^;
  12. I have a Tutti BV so getting a Tutti Zucca would be redundant?

    SOOOO Im getting a Vacanze Zucca and a Tutti Gioco.. but I kinda did get a Tutti Ciao Ciao.... recently.
  13. yeah... unless the zucca displays different characters. Cute ciao, mozzarella's very prominent, but it doesn't have the husky. :sad: