I finally got my SO Damier Ebene Galliera! Perfection!!!!!!

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  1. I waited 4 months for my beautiful ebene Galliera, and I am not disappointed! It was a long wait, but worth it! I love her! Here are some pics! Excuse the work out clothes. :smile: What do you think?:yahoo:

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  2. It's gorgeous!!!
  3. Gorgeous! My BFF has one and I always love on it when we see each other! Enjoy your lovely new bag!
  4. It looks great on you, congrats!! :heart:
  5. Congrats!
  6. Gorgy...totally worth the wait!
  7. very nice! congrats!
  8. Awesome! Congrats!
  9. Stunning, congrats on your new galliera !
  10. oooooo LVoe it!!!
  11. Congrats, gallieras are awesome!
  12. Congrats!! Looks great on you
  13. Wow, I love that! Congrats, it was worth the wait!
  14. omg! i love! i loveee!!! u lucky girl! congrats!
  15. Thank you! It is such a great bag!!! It is a wondeful size and perfect for me since I have an 8 month old girl. :P