I finally got my LV Tribeca Long


Jan 6, 2006
I've been saving up for over 6 months to get my Tribeca. I found it on Ebay by a trusted seller.

I have to really think over & over before making this BIG purchase. The reason I like the Damier Tribeca Long is because of it's simplicity and damier pattern. I'm more of a "low-key" person that doesn't want to standout and seem materialistic. The purse exactly fits my taste because of it's simple shape and design. I told my husband that it was a one-time year end sale, hehehe. What do men know......?? What do you girls think of the purse. I know some of you probably think it's a little old fashion or oldie, hehehe, but I love it.



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:heart::heart::wlae::woohoo:Traci, your choice could not have been more classy. This bag will stay in style FOREVER! The bag is gorgeous and looks brand new in the photo you posted. Please be sure to post more photos of the bag when it arrives, I would love to see a modeling photo. The bag is TDF and has always been one of my favorites! Have you seen the current retail cost on this bag??? I hope you got a great deal too!!!