I FINALLY got my Luxury Bowler!!!! Pics to come...

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  1. Harlow girls!!! So I got married, went on my fabulous honeymoon in Japan, and what better way to complete everything than another Chanel bag right????

    I'd been lusting after a Luxury Bowler for the longest time (she is almost my Chanel HG bag), and had almost given up the idea of getting one cos of my bag ban (for the wedding) and the fact that it was no longer available in stores in the original colours I wanted. So of course I got mighty excited after reading some tpfers' posts about seeing the luxe bowler on shelves in Tokyo!

    Afer the wedding, my ban was officially over and I managed to find a gorgeous medium luxe bowler in gold (I think) calfskin at the Chanel in Isetan Shinjuku! I have not taken any pictures of her yet (have carried her out already!) so will post them up soon! For tpfers going to Tokyo anytime soon, they still have some in the store, also available in a beautiful bronze (more brown-toned). Sadly black is apparently sold out all over Tokyo already!
  2. I'm not familiar with the luxury bower, but it sounds gorgeous! PICS! PICS! PICS! :woohoo:
  3. Hehehe I will post them tonight!! Am at work now, DYING to go home and take pictures of my new baby.

    Except I am now abit confused as to her real colour. According to the pics in the reference library, mine actually looks almost exactly like what another tpfer described as dark silver instead of gold!
  4. Sounds stunning! i think I've seen pics of it. What size is it?

    Congrats on your wedding and your new Chanel!
  5. Congrats on your HG!!! Glad you had a nice wedding and honeymoon. Can't wait to see your modelling pics.
  6. Thanks!!! Mine's a medium, fits a lot, only complaint is that the straps don't fit very well over a coat during winter (Tokyo was COLD), but thankfully Sg is single-season country so I won't have that problem here.

    I will post pics tonight and hopefully you gals can tell me what colour it is!
  7. Thank you! I will try to post them asap!
  8. OMG!Congratz.
    I didn't think that Chanel boutique would have any more of the luxury bowler.You're very lucky.
  9. OHHHh I think I know what color you are talking about!!! It is SOOOO GORGEOUS! Congrats! I think I remember your thread earlier about how you had passed on a black bowler.. I'm so happy you finally got one! Yay:heart:
  10. HELLO DEAR S.... Welcome back Madame.... hehee... can't wait to see your bowler.... modelling pix ya...
  11. I'm soo happy for you! I remember when I found my black luxury bowler, I felt so excited! Congrats!
  12. The gold was recalled due to the metallic finish peeling so you probably have the dark silver which is even more gorgeous!
  13. Congrats on your wedding, honeymoon and luxe bowler!!!! Can't wait to see pictures..Did you see other yummy stuff in Chanel Japan?
  14. aww, congrats!!
  15. I think the gold was more metallic and shiny, and the silver was more matte metallic and kind of beige/silver. Either way, congrats and post pics.