I finally got my Little Stam today...BUT...

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  1. ...the hardware was scratched! On both kisslocks, there are indentations - as though someone dropped it on gravel. I'm SO pissed. I am finally taking this as a sign from the Bag Gods that MJ Stams (both regular and little) are just not meant for me.
  2. That stinks! Why on Earth would they would send a bag in that condition? :wtf: Do they have another in stock? That has to be very disappointing.
  3. What a bummer, I'm sorry you got such a letdown. Are you motivated to try to find another? Don't let someone else's mishandling of the bag deter you if you really love it!
  4. That is the very reason why I picked the The MJ Quilted Stam Hobo instead of the Kisslock version, as much as I loved it, it just had too much hardware for me to worry about!
    Sorry to hear about the mishap, Suli.:sad:
    (12) Marc Jacobs - Quilted Hobo Stam - 1200.JPG
  5. Oh no!! How disappointing! I'm sorry Suli! Are you sure you want to swear off stams completely? You don't want to try an exchange first?
  6. Sorry to hear that Suli. I know you must've been really upset :s. Any chance you can exchange it?
  7. SuLi, I'm sorry to hear that. Hugs~
    It's not meant to be like that way, the person who chose/packaged the baby Stam was just careless to check the bag condition before sending it to you.

    If you are still interested in Stam, I can be your personal shopper this weekend. I can help you find a perfect one by swinging by my local Nordstrom/Bloomies/NM, let me know.

    Hope your eyes are better by now. Take care. =)
  8. SO Sorry!Let bag.lover help ya! Shes SUPER DUPER with spotting the MJs!!!If anyone could find you the perfect bag...ITS HER!
  9. I've heard that problem was real common on the stams. I hate that you received one in that condition though. So sorry Suli =((
  10. Noooo! This whole Stam thing has been a nightmare for you. I'm sorry. :flowers:
  11. Thanks everyone, and thanks bag.lover for offering to look for another Stam for me. I can't believe that it was so mishandled! I think I'm just going to take both Stams back for now. If I really miss them, I'm sure I'll manage to find one. We have so many places here that I can look, so I'll be okay. I just can't believe all the drama I've been through with this, so it's time to start fresh!

    Thanks again! :flowers:
  12. SuLi, both black Stams will be back for Resort 06 (price increase won't happen til Spring 07), stores should be getting soon. If you still like them when you spot them in real life, then you can pick from a fresh batch instead. Enjoy your Ramono now. =)
  13. SuLi, I hope that you find another Stam soon. I can't believe all of your stam problems. Good luck and take care!
  14. Suli, you've got some bad Stam karma going on... maybe the gods are telling you that you're destined for another bag.