I finally got my little black book

  1. I planned to get a MC wapity but it wouldn't fit my card case in it =( So instead this caught my eye.


    I even got the address book haha.
  2. Is this the mini agenda? I love black epis!
  3. do these come in any other colors? its a great idea to use the mini as a card holder!
  4. I only saw the red and the black but I'm sure they come in more colors =)
  5. congrats!
  6. OMG I love it! congratulations!
  7. Love it! Congrats on your new lovely!
  8. they come in other colours too.
    i have the same one in black too!
    i was deciding between the lilac and the black when i bought mine and chose the lilaac .. but then returned it for the black as i thought it would be more classy and won't get dirty easily.

    now i wished i kept the lilac instead :sad:

    i really like the vernis ones though .. just that i find the vernis so hard to mantain .. but its a great choice and you'll love it!
  9. oh I love texture of the epi! Must be great just to feel it when you take it out of your bag lol!
  10. oh that's gorgeous!! great photography too
  11. I just love the size of it =) It's small enough to fit inside my epi pochette yay!
  12. evolkatie what is inside the mini agenda can you pls take a pic i looove it :smile:
  13. evolkatie what is inside the mini agenda can you pls take a pic i looove it :heart:
  14. Inside pics =)


    Now I need a LV pen.. grr.
  15. Very nice agenda! Congrats!
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