i finally got my herbag! YEAHHHH :)

  1. i'm sooo happy glad that i buy this bag, it's well used, but it's the one i can afford right now as i'm such a big spender these last few days.. i've bought some michael kors and chloe shoes, also some clothes :shame:
    so the money i have left is only enough to purchased this one, it no longer have the extra shoulder strap which i don't mind cause i'm not going to use it anyway. and also the leather on the nack where the lock seems to touched more is darken, but i love it still...
    i have chance to purchase the one with black leather lid, which is in a better condition, but i like the tan leather more.
    on second thought, maybe i'm going to buy that black leather one too :p because i'm soo in love with this bag.
    i love that it's canvas too, so it made the hermes look less luxurious.

    anyone can tell me which year is this from? the code is C with D in the rectangle?
    DSCN2354.jpg DSCN2357.jpg DSCN2359.jpg DSCN2365.jpg DSCN2362.jpg
  2. That is a beauty . . . it makes me want a herbag
  3. Ooooooo...very pretty!!! Congrats!!!
  4. thank u candace, sharbear508 :love:
    i never even think i would have a hermes, i always think it's too classic and too luxurious for my age and look. i'm 28. but i still dress like teens and very playful.
    i'm glad i found this style. it's classy, but very down to earth and casual.
  5. love ur herbag ,
  6. It certainly does look good on you!

    Congratulations on a very pretty choice!

    What color is the canvas on the one with the black leather that you're considering?
  7. congratulations!!! It looks good on you!
  8. isus, the black leather lid canvas are neutral color and black.
    i'm also eyeing on a vibrato herbag :p
    i want more hermes!!!! it's just soooo pretty...

    and opening and closing it is not as hard as i though it would be!!!
  9. very pretty :heart: looks great on u :heart:

  10. Lovely!! It's from 2000. :smile:
  11. I think that's a great bag. enjoy it
  12. thanks Greentea :yes:

    anyone can tell me what the number under the lock means?
  13. you got a pretty Herbag.. i want one as well, too bad they are not making it anymore.....

  14. seahorse congratzzzz with your new bag... looks good on you... your bag look classy yet casual... suits on your style:smile: i hope i can carry my very own hermes before 30 :sweatdrop: anywaqy congratzzzzzzzz
  15. It's very lovely, Seahorse........it looks wonderful on you! Great choice and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!