I finally got my hands on this classic beauty <3

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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    Hi ladies & gents,

    Well.... after searching for this particular bag during the Christmas holidays I finally tracked this baby down and brought her home on saturday! (ok I wasn't contantly searching for her because I did have the camila keeping me occupied)

    On my trip up to Edinburgh my bf and I made a small diversion to the Manchester boutique. My excuse was to break down the 5 hour journey and grab some breakfast.. but little did he know :graucho:!

    When we arrived, I already knew my bag was waiting for me but I needed to somehow get rid of my bf!!

    So not knowing Manchester very well, I managed to ask the SA to direct him to the nearest bank to do his errands and keep him far away from me as possible before he finds out that this was not a random trip, but instead a carefully planned purchase!!

    My eyes were tracking my bf making sure he leaves the building and as soon at the automatic door slides open I turn around to the SA and tell her to give me my goodies as I dont have much time!

    My boyfriend wasn't amused when he realised what I had done... but I did tell him I was actually saving myself money buying it now due to the increase and that I would leave this classic to our children... He still wasn't amused. What a tough cookie, my next arguement was the fact I earned every penny and I deserved it!!.. but he finally cracked a smile when I promised to "not buy a bag for a whole year..." but he doesn't realise it exclude wallets, accessories and other Chanel goodies

    And here she is....







    My GST in light beige with g/h. :girlsigh:
  2. kirkcaldy - the measurements are as followed:

    w: 34.5cm

    L: 25.5cm
  3. Awesome purchase!! Congrats!! LVOE your story too! I love classic pieces.
  4. Love it great bag congrats
  5. Congrats! Nice purchase.
  6. It's beautiful. Enjoy!
  7. hehehe...great story.

    He really has no reason to be steamed....it is your money.
    But I know how it is...

    Super happy you got your beautiful bag!! Enjoy.:tup:
  8. that bag is drop dead gorgeous, so perfect for spring/summer! great way to distract your bf too hehe!
  9. your GST is beautiful, the gold hw looks really elegant with this beige. Congrats!!
  10. Your GST is beautiful...great color for the spring. Your story only gives me an idea...hmmm! :smile:
  11. That is a beautiful color!!

    So what are you going to say to him when you buy a non-handbag Chanel item? :P
  12. I love that bag.......the color is amazing..........congrats.....If you need other stories or decoy plans for BF or DH in the future, just pm me.....
    been doing it for many, many, many years and still married......and still getting chanels.......Love your bag!!!!!:heart:H
  13. Wow what a beauty! May I ask how much it was? Canada doesn't have the light beige yet.
  14. She's a beauty, Congrats!!!~
  15. What a beautiful colour! You should get a lot of use out of it! :heart: