I FINALLY got my FIVE new RMs!!

  1. So as fate would have it, all of my bags arrived on Monday after I had gone back to school. I had them shipped home hoping that my timing would be good and that I would get them on the weekend but alas it was just not meant to be. I only come home every other week but due to the anticipation of having five new RMs at home, I pleaded with my friend to give me a ride home yesterday!

    We got to my house and oohhed and ahhed as I tore open each package! My friend is a fellow RM convert thanks to me! ^___^ She bought a Matinee at the Plazatoo sale but didn't really like how big it was.

    As a student, I decided that it was quite over the top for me to be having five RM bags that will not get that much use at school. After ordering, I decided that I would keep at most, three of the five.

    The first one I opened was the Elephant MAM that I ordered from the Seattle Clutch sale. This was the first RM I ordered and so I figured it was only fair for me to open it first! I really fell in love with the shape and color of it!

    I opened the Bluefly boxes next. Despite the bad things that I have heard about them, my MAMs that I ordered from them came perfectly wrapped with the dust bag and cards. I was very very excited about the Sage especially after finding out that Hayden has the same one! The Black/Blue stamp was gorgeous as well and somewhat firmer than the Sage. I love them both!!

    Next was the Plazatoo box. I was particularly excited about this one because it was the Matinee that actually attracted me to Rebecca Minkoff. However, I was really confused when I opened the box only to find one matinee... I had ordered both the Mocha and the Midnight colors... there was only a Mocha in the box! :wtf:

    I was confused as heck and called them right away. They said that their records show that both bags were sent to me... I talked to the manager and she looked into it as well. =( The Mocha that I received had two security labels attached to each of the handles!! I asked about it and one of the girls I talked to said that I would have to send it back in order for them to take it off w/o damaging the handles. :crybaby:

    Overall they have been very helpful. I will probably call them again in order to try to figure out the problem of the missing Midnight Matinee. I was really looking forward to seeing it! I think I will have to ship the Mocha back today or Monday. Hopefully I can get her back soon!!

    While I am waiting, I need some help deciding on which to keep. I think out of the MAMs my favorite definetly the black/blue stamp. Its a total keeper and the leather is absolutely gorgeous. While I like the sage, I feel like the black/blue stamp is much more unique so I am considering returning it. The elephant MAM is the one I am not sure about right now. Particularly because I have not yet seen my Midnight Matinee! I have a feeling I am going to really love the Midnight though. It looks so delicious in everybodys pictures!!

    So I think for now I am going to keep the black/blue stamp MAM, mocha matinee, and hopefully midnight matinee once I figure out what plazatoo is up to. I let her take the elephant b/cos she says she can sell it for me to get my money back. If it doesn't sell then I figure its an excuse to keep it :graucho: I started off really liking the matinee and thats what got me into RM. But now I think I like the MAM much better! Oh well, I will wait and see since I really can't do much w/o seeing all of them.

    Pics coming later today! =D
  2. can't wait to see pics!!!!! Congrats on all your RM's, i soo jealous!
  3. wow! congrats on your new purchases. i can wait to see pictures. i too am in a hunt to finding a matinee and a mam in the perfect color (with a good price tag of course). :graucho:
  4. Wow 5 bags thats great. Cant wait to see pic's of what you kept.....
  5. Pics Pics Pics!!!!
  6. icyblue, sorry to hear about the Plazatoo mixup, I hope you can get that resolved ASAP (so bizarre?!) You really can't go wrong with any of these but I'm a firm believer that for anything to stay in your collection (and justify spending on it), you have to be completely and totally in love with it. Let us know what you decide and CHOP CHOP on those pics, woman!!
  7. I hear you about not keeping them all (as tempting as that is :graucho:)

    Anyhoo....the black is a MUST.....but you'll have to wait until you see the midnight!!! Take my word for it!!
  8. I agree contessa! Your pictures look divine!

    I just got home and it looks like dhl/usps came while I was out and my sister gave them the sage mam and the mocha matinee... :sad: looks like pics of the matinee will have to wait.

    this is so saddening... i was supposed to have five, it became four, and now i only have one! hahaha. But anyways, hopefully the plazatoo situation will get worked out. I called the manager and she suggested that I do a chargeback =/. I really just want the matinee!! I am going to ask her if she gets any returns in the next few weeks, if I can purchase it. :crybaby:

    But while I am waiting, I here are some of my officially favorite MAM :heart:!
    DSC05499.JPG DSC05500.JPG
  9. Oh now that is super cute!!!!!!!^ I hope you are planning on keeping that one!
  10. Love it- I'm so glad you decided to keep that one. It is unique and soooo beautiful!:tup:
  11. Love it, thanks posting pic's... :tup:
  12. My friend is selling it the elephant for me but part of me hopes that it doesn't get sold so I have an excuse to keep it ;)
  13. It is a really really cute bag!!! :tup: do you mind me to ask the price??
  14. xIcy...I got the very same Black/Blue stamp...LOVE IT!!! So Unique...
  15. im glad you finally received your bags!!
    thanks for sharing pics =)

    maybe it just so happens to be MY luck of getting a bad order from bluefly =(
    did you already return your sage?
    i really want a MAB now... esp in sage!