I finally got my first LV!!!!!

  1. My DH finally took me to LV today and bought me my first LV.. a mono speedy 30!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I have wanted this bag for soooooooooooooooooooooooooo long and I know most people have it so it's nothing new but here are my pictures of me with the bag!! :smile:
    Picture 001.jpg Picture 002.jpg
  2. congrats! it looks cool on you!
  3. Congrats!!
  4. Congrats!!!! it's gorgeous!!! Very happy for you :love: :love:
  5. Congrats, I'm so glad you chose the Speedy as your first, classic and timeless. BTW, It looks beautiful on you.
  6. :P Oh how adorable !!! You and the new speedy. Congratulations on your first of many and welcome aboard the LV lover's train..:lol:
  7. it's gorgeous! you wear it well! :yes:
  8. It looks so awesome....That was so nice of your husband!! You have to tell him how happy we all are for you! :smile:
  9. Yay how exciting!!!! Congrats!!!
  10. GREAT bag!!!! Yay!!! :smile:
  11. Happy Vuitton Day!
    Congratulations on a fine bag!!
  12. Looks really good. Congratulations on your purchase.
  13. congrats looks great on u :smile:
  14. Yeah...I ordered the same one and a pouchette yesterday and it will be my first LV has well...congrats it looks great..is it even better in person? Does yours say made in the USA? I ordered mine in Canada so I think it will say Made in the USA...I want feedback!!!!
  15. congratulation:love:
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