I finally got my FIRST Coach Handbag! PICS!

  1. I got it! I got it! I got it! :drinkup:Cheers!

    No, it wasn't the patent leather gallery tote that I've been wanting ever since I joined the forum, but a cute red signature purse. I love it on, it fits so much inside.

    I took a picture of it, and the other items in my collection:
    My baby!!! :yahoo:

    My Modest Collection:

    The red purse, A lime hamptons wristlet and the Legacy Stripe Skinny Scarf.
    I had also bought the mahogany patent mini skinny but I sold it on eBay because it got fingerprints too easily.

    Thanks everyone for their "SUPPORT", enabling and especially the help on the authentication pages. :heart:
  2. congratulations :yahoo:
  3. Good for you! Your collection may be "modest" but it's of things that you love so that's what is most important!
  4. Congrats!! :yahoo:
  5. you're off to a great start!
  6. Love your pieces!!! :smile: Such a great start!!! I have that wristlet in pink and :heart: it!! The perfect theme park wristlet!!!
  7. you're off to a GREAT start! i've been wanting that ponytail scarf for a while. congrats! :heart:
  8. Hehe, thats exactly what I bought it for, Spring Break roadtrip to San Diego!
    I think it will be perfect for at the zoo and at my trip(s) to the coach and bebe outlets.

    Thanks guys, I do love my collection items. I just wish my scarf matched my red bag. Guess its a good excuse to buy another one...:graucho:
  9. Good luck, I hope you find it. I got mine off of eBay for $45. I decided it was just too cute to pass up- of all the great things out there in the legacy collection, this is by far my favorite. That coin purse and the pond wristlet are right behind it though ;)
  10. nice collection! i also have a small collection too! we both have the same wristlet, mine is in white =) i also have the patent skinny, but exchanged it in wrsitlet too!
  11. those are all great things. i think i'm just gonna wait until the re-release of the scarf on 3/12, but i'm getting impatient!

    btw, i sent you a pm!
  12. yay congrats!
  13. congrats!!
  14. You have some adorable pieces there. I love the red sig handbag and I think we all hooked!
  15. So pretty...love everything. Very colorful!!:wlae: