I finally got my Firebird Teri bag... buutttt :(

  1. there's a hole in the lining. I did a charge send through Saks in CA so I have to go to the one here and pray to everyone in the world that they can find another for me!

    It looks like they put a sensor or poked some sort of needle-y hole in it :crybaby:
  2. Aw, sorry to hear that. It must be so annoying to find that out. I hope you'll find another firebird for you.
  3. TY! I was just about to use it and as I was putting my things in I got soooo bummed out!
  4. oh, that sucks! i had quality problems on 2 turnlock hobos, so i ended up giving up. i hope your replacement is completely perfect!
  5. Sprinkles, I believe that's what happened. Many stores place sensors (with fat needles) on their merchandises, a SA would the sensor when the item's purchased by the customer.

    Is the hole very big? My dry cleaners use safety pins on my clothings (hold the unique tag to each piece of clothing), I hate it when I spot big holes. I use my finger and rub the fabric so that the hole gets minimized.
  6. It's a good size, say a large sewing needle. It's also pulling a little so I don't think that rubbing may work :/ Saks said they'll exchange or repair it but I have no clue how they would make it perfect w/o redoing all of the lining. It's crazy to think an SA would put a needled sensor on a 400$ bag! Why not use a sticky tab? crazy.
  7. WOW!!! They put a sensor ON the bag?! Holy crap, I'm sooo sorry that there's a hole in the lining, they better replace it!!!

    They should do what macy*s does and use that little string to attach sensors, this way the bag doesnt get damaged.
  8. Oh, that's so frustrating. And it's such a beautiful bag! I hope they find a nice replacement for you.
  9. Sorry Sprinkles.
    I was just guessing that's what happened (maybe she removed the sensor too fast). Hopefully, they will be able to locate another one for you.
  10. That's so irresponsible. I know that some Saks stores use the kind of sensors that are tag-like - that wrap around a handle. I hope the issue gets resolved.