I finally got my Elise!!

  1. I'm so frickin excited cause I've been wanting to get an Elise but didn't know what color I wanted. I was thinking to get in topaz until I stumbled this beauty on eBay and what a coincidence that blush is one of my fave colors of all times!!

    These are the pictures from eBay. Sorry, I don't have a decent camera :p . Thanks for thithi and KMSNYC who have been very helpful :winkiss: .
    elise.jpg elise2.jpg
  2. Your bag is gorgeous! :drool: I love Blush! Congratulations!!!
  3. congrats! I heart that color!
  4. Exquisite!!! Congrats!!
  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy your fab bag.
  6. Elise is such a great bag! Your bag is especially beautiful in blush. I know you will get tons of compliments carrying her. Enjoy!!
  7. Woohoo! I love that color! Great, great score!:yahoo:

    And I can't even believe you are thanking me, because I never sent you the pics I promised to. :push: I stink. So sorry!

    But from the pics I saw, your bag is definitely authentic! Enjoy it!:heart:
  8. Lol, that's fine. I asked pictures of your topaz so I could just drooling all over it :drool: :p thithi actually sent me some pics of her Elise and hers also patent leather, so I could compare the texture of the leather better. It worked out for the best :yes:
  9. Oh, wow! I think I am beginning (finally!) to like the "new" MJ style. How beautiful!:heart:
  10. Congrats- very pretty bag!
  11. Woohoo!! Beautiful bag!! I adore blush... If I ever see the hobo blush I am soooo going to be all over it. So happy you found your bag!
  12. :yahoo: :yahoo: Yeah!! You finally got it!! Congrats!!! You must be out-of-your-mind-excited!!!! So happy for you!!!
  13. Love the color and the style, congrats!
  14. The bag is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Congrautaions!
  15. Oh wow, it's stunning! Great spring and summer bag! :biggrin: