i FINALLY got my chanel gladiators!!!

  1. i LOVE them!! :wlae: went through so much drama to get these babies but they're finally here. some people think they're ugly and weird but i still love them and they still make me :drool:

    i was a little disapponted to open up a beat up box but for the price i got them and also considering i was lucky enought to find them in my size, it's totally okay~! what do you girls think?

  2. they look very nice on you!! you definitely have the legs for them!

    congrats on finally getting them!! and at the end of a storm, there's always a rainbow!
  3. They look really hot on you!!. Unfortunately, I don't think I could pull these off on me.:crybaby:
  4. Make sure you post them in the Glass Slipper forum as well....that kind of hotness needs to be shared!!
  5. Wow, that's the first time I've ever seen a real person wearing them. You look great! There is no way I could ever pull those off.

    Congratulations, I'm happy for you! :smile:
  6. whatever you went through to get those sandals it was worth it. If I had your legs I would wear them also! They look great on you. :tup:
  7. they are SO hot!!!
  8. They are not weird at all, they are so cool and just gorgeous! I have one pair in a shorter version(but not CHANEL,sorry here...:shame::p)I just want to say those shoes are so chic and they look great on you! Good buy!:tup:
  9. Looks hot!! Congrats!
  10. Looks really nice on u, congrats!
  11. I'm drooling :drool: *wipes mouth*

    Congrats! if I have the money I would buy it too, that shoes are TDF
    I saw an SA in NM Chanel wore it and I just want to knock her out and stole the shoes (ok.. not really..:sweatdrop: just daydreaming)
  12. They look amazing on you!
  13. I think you look hot
  14. wow, those shoes are HOT. congrats clu!
  15. HOT! I couldn't pull these off at ALL, but you look great in them. Also loving your Balenciaga. ;)