I finally got my bag!

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  1. The Birkin Fairy was finally in my part of town today! Babe and I were once again called to the big city and, hurrah, my beautiful bag is now mine! A truly lovely experience.

    Plus, they were so sweet to my little one (10 months old) a kind male SA gave her a mini Hermes bag with perfume testers in, to play with on the train home! Ahhhhhh! See, Gentlemen do still exist!

    So, 35cms, Bleu Brighton, Clemence and finally, gold hardware!

    *Contented Sigh whilst sipping Sauvignon and gazing into deep blue sea*
  2. Yay!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!
  3. How exciting!!! Brighton blue and GH sounds like a gorgeous combination! Congratulations to you!
  4. yeah I love my brighton b lue and you will love yours!
  5. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:I am so glad they got you one with the right hardware so quickly. Enjoy the bag!!!
  6. Congrats!
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Please post pics when you can!!!!! WooHoooooo!!!
  8. OUTSTANDING!!! It paid off to wait for the right one! I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to see pix!!
  9. Congrats!!!! It must be beautiful...........can't wait to see pics now!!!
  10. Thank you! Am so thrilled!

    I love the gold because I love the warmth, all my jewellery is gold, I dont care that diamonds aren't meant to be set in it!

    Rockerchic - it was the pics of your bb that finally made up my mind for me, so an especially big thank you to you.

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  11. Yeah, congratulations!
  12. very nice! congrats!
  13. :heart: OMG THAT IS GORGY!!!!! :heart:

    I knew she would arrive sooner than you thought!!! Congrats gal!!!

  14. And here is a pic of me, back in normal mummy clothes when I got home!

    Please note unmade bed, slippers and loo rolls that go under bed as otherwise baby tries to eat them! Oh the glamour!


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  15. ^^ You are gorgeous eliselady, the bag look fabulous.