i FINALLY got my azur call!...for the wrong size :(

  1. Morning everyone! I'm almost out of creamer!!!!:wtf:

    They finally called about my azur speedy being in! I was so excited until I realized that they only had 25s in..I want a 30

    I cannot tell you the emotional rollercoaster that was!

    It's ok though...I'm in the midst of trying to figure out a new direction for my collection. I'm really trying to get it down to what I really love and get rid of the rest.

    and I love a azur 30..I want mine!:hysteric:
  2. Awe! That would be such a frustrating call! Sorry to hear that you had to deal with that.
  3. sorry they got the wrong size for you... but I am sure you will get a 30 soon... =)
  4. aw that stinks.

    didn't you just buy a ton for your collection??
  5. Sorry to hear that !!! Hopefully you'll get your 30 soon!!
  6. Bummer. I'm still waiting on my 25 call! Hope you get your 30 soon!:heart:
  7. Oh, its sucks to be outta creamer, especially on a cold morning when you don't feel like getting out, and they didn't have an Azur 30... I feel your pain!
  8. that is very frustrating especially if you have dying for the bag. that happened to my best friend a couple of weeks ago. she gets a call at work that her azur speedy is in and she calls me to tell me that she's going to pick it up after work. i thought to myself "hey she still owe's me $380 and she's going to buy a new bag" so i put my thinking cap on and decided to go and buy the bag and hold it hostage until i get my $$$:devil: . it worked because we are in that lv all the time so they just thought i was picking it up for her. only to get there and find it was a 25 and not a 30 bummer for me and her i guess
  9. That`s bad ( I mean both things, the creamer and the bag;) ) - I am trying to get my bag collection down to what I really like as well (and my life, but that is off topic:rolleyes: )-so good luck, your speedy will find you!
  10. yes i hope you'll get yours soon!!!
  11. Hi Ethan's mommy, they had an azur speedy 30 and 25 at NM in Palo Alto, CA available for sale just last Friday as I just purchased the speedy 30 that day as well. I guess I was the last one on the waiting list and everyone else declined it. You can look up the # on the NM website.
  12. Sorry to hear that, but think how happy you made someone else that day. Someone waiting for the 25. Your 30 will appear. Besides, here it's still raining and who wants to take their azur out in the rain.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that and I hope you'll get your speedy 30 soon.
  14. Awwwh hang in there! You'll get the right call soon :yes:
  15. Yes I did!:graucho: But i'm the midst of a major overhaul. Hopefully I'll complete my list before summer!..I think i'm going to make a "wish list" sig like everyone else has....It'll be quite a list!

    Thanks everyone for the empathy...I hate waiting for something this long..Hopefully they'll start getting more out soon..this is just sad:crybaby: