I finally got my Abella Signatures!!

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  1. They are so comfy for being sandals. They are the perfect height for me because I can't use 4 inches or more heels no more! haha. Well the height of the Abellas are about 3 inches. My FIL ordered them for me and had it sent to my parents house since i would be visiting them when the package should be arriving. He's pretty cool too cause he buys his gf a lot of Coach and he even has a Coach wallet which he replaced with a newer Coach wallet that the id window can flip out or something like that. He likes Coach too, how sweet is that?! I haven't worn it outside yet cause its so cold (currently in vegas). So when i get back home i could post modeling/outdoor pics. I don't want to model it right now cause i need to get a pedicure first hehe. So for now here are pics of my Abella Signature Sandals...:heart:
    1CarolsSandals.jpg 2CarolsSandals2.jpg 3CarolsSandals3.jpg 4CarolsSandals4.jpg 5CarolsSandals5.jpg
  2. LOVE THEM! Do they fit true to size?
  3. I love those!!! How sweet of him to buy those for you!
  4. Nice!
  5. Wow. These are really nice! I was looking for things to go on a cruise with, and these definitely fit the bill. Great find! :tup:
  6. I love these! They are sooo cute!
  7. Those are cute!! I don't think I could pull them off though. Maybe if they were wedges. Congrats and enjoy your new shoes!!!
  8. oooh! so cute! love it!
  9. Those are so cute! Bet you'll get a lot of wear out of them, they will go with almost everything!
  10. Thanks girls! I love them.
  11. Those are GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  12. Congrats, so gorgeous!
  13. Those shoes are hot!!!
  14. I love them! Congrats!
  15. yeah they are true to size. I'm usually 5 1/2 with any sandals but with Coach shoes like the katelyns i'm 6. HTH!